Monday, August 12, 2019

Where the heck did it go!!

Now that I'm getting up there in age......well heck I was always like this and it really has nothing to do with age! Have you ever put something somewhere so you would not forget where it only looking for it one day saying to yourself " I know I put it somewhere I would not forget but I forgot! Many times with Ham radio I have had items that were used very seldom and when needed it I  just get very frustrated looking EVERYWHERE and just not being able to find it. Oh, and I do want to mention that when I do find whatever it is I don't need it anymore. I have found myself looking for certain soldering tips for my Weller soldering station, a nice long DVI cable, wall warts, and the list goes on. Most times it has ended in frustration not being able to locate something I know I have and at the time very much needed.
Once I eventually find what I was looking for here is what I do......When originally looking I take note of the first place I went and tried to locate it. This place at the time seemed the most logical place for me to have put it, once I find the item it is returned to this first place I looked. I also with my iPhone take a picture of it in the place I placed it. This may sound silly but for me, it really has worked. Many times when I went to look for this item once again I actually looked in this first place that logically comes to mind and there it was. If the spot I was wanting to place it did not seem to be the right fit, for example, a Weller soldering tip in a spot where it could easily fall and get lost I put a 3x5 card there with its the location. With ham radio (for me anyway) I have found myself turning the shack upside down for an item I know I have but can't locate and the above ideas help me out a great deal. Are there any ideas my fellow ham's that you can add?

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