Thursday, August 8, 2019

It was time to pack up the shack for the move.

And so it begins
I sure do hope this is the last move for a very very long time. Today it was time to pack up the shack equipment and all the millions of cables. I was very fortunate I kept the boxes for most of the gear as packing it in the OEM box is the way to go and make sure it arrives in one piece at the other end. For the past few weeks, I would not had been able to get on the air anyway as the room where the radio is has been overrun with packed boxes. Once we get down to the new place in New Brunswick time will be spent setting up the house and fixing little odd's and ends that the home inspector made us aware of. Once all these jobs have been taken care of then it will be time to set things in motion and
begin the setup of the radio. As for an antenna I am for the short term going to use the MFJ 1788 loop unit I get my bearings regarding an antenna. One thing I am looking forward to is getting on WSPR and finding out where my signal carries from the new location on the east coast. Before all this happens I will look into my new 2 letter VE9 call not sure how long this application process will be. I will look after this as soon as we move, by the time the boxes are unpacked and we are settled in I hope to be sporting a new VE9 call. The Icom 7610 in its own OEM box will be riding the trip in my SUV and not the truck. As well as the other 2 boxes of goodies that will be not in the truck but the smooth ride of the SUV. Once things were all packed it was hard to believe all the power and control cables I had. When you slowly add items to the shack you just don't see all the cables you really do have. One thing I always took the time to do was label each cable. When you pull and pack everything no matter how sharp you are it's impossible to remember where each cable goes. The labeling of each cable has made a possible grey hair experience way more pleasurable.
To top off the box...cables and cables. 


  1. Hello Mike, I didn't expect to see you move this soon. But hope for you you will have a quiet retirement and not to have moving again and again. Is there some more place for a antenna in the new house? Somehow Moncton Ontaria doe sound familiar to me. I believe some old school friend from me is living there somewhere. 73, Bas

    1. Good morning Bas and very nice to hear from you, yes Bas quiet would be a very nice change. Yes we did move fast regarding the move but this is how Julie works. She sets her mind to something and off we go. As for an antenna I will have to give the property a good look around once settled in. I was thinking something similar to the Alpha Delta DX fan dipole type antennas. I did have very good results with this type of antenna when we lived in South Western Ontario. We are on the out skirts of Moncton and it's in Eastern Canada.