Sunday, December 9, 2018

Nikon camera gear for sale.

In the past I have found many Amateurs are also into photography as well as radio. We are selling some of our camera gear. Below is what is up for sale, prices are in Canadian dollars  and more photos can be sent to those who are interested. This gear has been very well cared for and is in excellent shape.

Nikkor Lencses 
AF-S 24-70 1:2.8G ED with a clear Hoya filter 1200.00 
50mm 1:1.2 with clear Hoya filter 625.00 
AF-S Teleconverter TC-14EIII 350.00 
AF-S Teleconverter TC 20EIII 250.00 
AF-S Macro 60mm 1:2.8 G ED 350.00 also includes an MC 30 remote and clear Hoya filter 
AF-S 70-200mm 1:2.8 GII ED VR with clear Hoya filter 1600.00 
AF-S 16-35mm 1:4G ED with Hoya clear filter 450.00 SOLD
Nikon D810 including the following 1750.00 
-MB D12
 -EN-EL15 x2 
 -Lexar Professional 300X 4GB x1 
-Lexar Professional 400X 8GG x1
2nd Nikon D810 same price and package as above.
 Nikon wireless speed light commander SU-800 200.00
 Nikon speed light SB-910 325.00 
Nikon speed light SB-900 300.00
Lexar Professional 1066X 32GB 160NB/s x5 35.00 each

Monday, November 12, 2018

In the new place with new challenges.

Our view of Toronto
In the livingroom
We are  in our new place and have been for some time now also it is beginning to feel like home! I have a room dedicated to my rollmop desk with my radio equipment in it which was better than the last setup where the desk was basically in the living room. By way of an update we are still in a condo but have moved 10 floors up (now on 16) in the same condo but a 2 bedroom 2 bath which is great. The "odd" issue I have been having is my MFJ 1788 mag loop has a very poor SWR when on the balcony of the new place. The best SWR I can get is 1.6:1 and thats it, I have tried moving it all over the balcony but  the SWR just gets worse. The balcony at the old place is basically the same size as the new one. The difference is the old balcony was a 1/2 circle and the new one is  rectangle. I brought the antenna into the living room and took it apart just to check and make sure the move did not damage it. All was well with the antenna and the next odd thing is from the living room on two chairs the SWR is perfect! Very less than ideal conditions and all is good with the MFJ loop. I also have the Chameleon CHA P loop and I put that on the balcony and it tunes to a flat SWR. This issue with this antenna is it has to be manually tuned as were the MFJ mag loop can be done from the warmth of my room.
I was able to run coax along the wall in such a way that it's not noticeable and out to our balcony. I took advantage of a persian carpet runner in the hallway to hide the coax. I then used Comet CTC 50M to get the coax outside. At the old place I was able to leave the MFJ antenna on the balcony but were we are not at times the wind that comes off lake Ontario is crazy so it's indoors.....not that it matters as the SWR is very poor. In the next post an update on my Sun SDRpro 2 rig.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Times are a changing

It has been some time since I have posted but it has been very busy out this way as we are moving. It has been packing, packing and more of the same!! The move is underway  so I'm looking at 2-3 weeks before VE3WDM is back up and running. We are still in a condo but the good news is we are 100 feet higher with a clear east/north east exposure.
See you soon once all the unpacking is done.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Initial setup of SunSDR2 Pro

To get the rig up and going it's not like most dial and knob rigs were you plug it in, turn it on and start spinning the VFO. This as most SDR rigs there has to be a talking relationship with the rig and PC. Lets start with the PC because there is going to be software on your PC that the SDR rig will have to communicate with and to do it well your PC should meet certain spec's.

Apache Labs ANAN 10 recommends an Intel i3 2ghz or better, 4 GB ram, screen resolution of 1280x1024 and a full duplex 1 GB ethernet card.

Flex radios knowledge base suggests Intel i3 or i5 quad core processor,  4GB ram for 32 bit OS and 8 GB ram for 64 bit OS, screen resolution of 1280x768 and the ability to support firewire. 

Sunsdr2 Pro recommends (located under "read it first") intel i3 1.6 ghz or higher, 8GB ram did not specify 32 or 64 bit OS, minimum screen resolution of 1024x600, LAN network card of 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps

Now mind you these in some cases are minimum specs but even to move up to the next level in a PC would not mean you are moving toward a high end gaming PC. Most of us have a PC at home for one reason or another and I would go out on a limb to say that most PC's at ham's homes would meet the minimum standard for SDR to function well. 
My SunSDR2 Pro's setup involves some minor PC techno wizbong SDR rig like most others communicate to the PC via a LAN cable and using an IP address. Now the Apache Labs ANAN 10 when powered on (if your LAN is correctly configured) an IP address should be automatically assigned in other words the rig and software should be communicating. The Flex radios are the same in regards to setup (again if your LAN is correctly configured) an IP address should be automatically assigned. This I believe is known as DHCP were the configuring is done automatically. For some reason the SunSDR2 Pro does not take advantage of this, you have to manually assign the IP address. It did not work out to well for me as I have 2 LAN options in my PC one is a card and the other is the one on the motherboard. When configuring the IP address I called up the wrong card (not the one the SDR rig was plugged into) Once I figured that out I was getting conflicts and issues. Long story short I have everything running now. I may email the Expert Electronics and ask why they chose this route and not DHCP.
The only (as far as I know) software this radio will work with is ExpertSDR software. Having said that I am very happy with the software and questions I have asked on the forum has been answered very promptly. It runs very smoothly on my PC and the waterfall looks great! The next post I will be looking at the ExpertSDR software.