Saturday, August 31, 2019

We are now in New Brunswick.

Packed to the back door
Well, we have completed our move to just outside of Moncton New Brunswick! I applied online with the government of Canada for my new call sign for New Brunswick and my choice was VE9KK. I felt this had a good ring for CW because I am in New Brunswick I will be a VE9 but the KK seemed a good mix for CW. My rig, desk, and PC are all still packed up as I wanted to clean and set up the new home before any ham radio "stuff" made it's way out of any boxes. Julie for sure would not be thrilled if the home was not set up and I was already into my ham radio boxes. As for an antenna I am going to for the short term use the MFJ mag loop until I get my bearings with regards to a permanent antenna. We decided to do the move from Ontario ourselves instead of getting a pro mover. The cost was well under half price and was it worth it.......yes it was. I was told by the pro mover that our belongings would take up to 28 days to make it's way down to us as we would not fill a full 45 foot trailer (not even close) so we would have to wait until the trailer was loaded and they would head down and thus the 28 days. I did look at some smaller move companies but the reviews were just horror stories! Julie and I decided that renting a truck and me driving it down was our best way. This way we had control our arrival time and I could only blame myself if stuff was damaged.
So we loaded up the truck ourselves and I drove the truck down from Toronto to Goggle maps says its about 12-15 hours. Well, let me tell you that is under PERFECT conditions. BUT we ran into major traffic issues and then rain like I have never seen for a long long time. The drive with two overnight stopovers was 22 hours. We had two stopovers and the longest drive as day 2 at 15 hours!
Since we are somewhat in the country I am looking forward to a lower noise floor that in the city of Toronto. I am excited to see what DX is available from the east coast as well as exploring HF antenna opportunities. In the meantime, I may dig out one of my active antennas and connect it up to my small KX3 and see how the bands and noise floor is like down here.


  1. Great that you arrived in OK shape. When I lived in NYS, my favorite contacts were with the Maritimes. Hope to get you from this side. 73 Dick F8WBD

    1. Good evening Dick and very nice to hear from you, I have missed your blog posts and I am hoping all is good with you? Setting up the radio will be some time from now as we are setting up the house first....BUT soon I will get the radio setup and see what the conditions are like from down here.