Sunday, January 1, 2012

A year in review.......

So how was 2011 here at VE3WDM,

I have always been a QRP operator but for the first time I decided to drop my output power to less than 5 watts. By the end of 2011 the output had dropped to 500mW's or less with great success as well.

I took some time to look around the shack to notice how much "stuff" I had that was just taking up space. I then put up for sale items I was not using and made enough for some new toys.

I discovered WSPR and all that you can do with it. 

 I was able to upgrade the shack. The Elecraft K3 was upgraded with a second receiver and matching filters. Along with some added treats.

My main contest antenna was the Sidekick from High Sierra antennas. It was a great antenna that gave me coverage from 10m to 80m. The problem was it could only be outdoors when I was on the radio due to antenna restrictions. I tried the Sidekick in the attic along with my 20m dipole but it just did not work.

I sold the Sidekick and ordered the Alpha Delta DX-33 and installed it in the attic. I am now able to work 10m to 40m anytime I want and not worry about an outdoor antenna.

I found time to get some kits done and added to the shack. 

I also had some Plasma TV interference so I purchased an  MFJ-1026 and that fixed the problem it's a great unit.

I did more portable op's this year with my Elecraft KX1 and had a great time.

There was my trip of a life time to the UK and ham radio came along for the ride as well. 

There was some wall paper added  WAS awards, 1,000 miles per watt at 8,325 miles per watt. I then topped that record with 16,737 miles per watt.

Much more went on but these were the highlights here at VE3WDM!


  1. Sounds like a very constructive year Mike!

  2. Good evening John, yes it was a pretty good year but there was a few weeks of waiting to find out results whether or not I had cancer. That was not a high point of the year. Thank goodness it came back negative.

  3. Happy New Year, Mike. You had a productive year radio-wise. Stay well in 2012.

  4. Sounds like a great year. Happy 2012

  5. Congrats on the accomplishments and the wallpaper. Looks like 2011 was a very productive year!

    73 de Jeff KE9V

  6. Dick, thanks very much for the well wishes and back at you as well for the New Year!!

    John, yes it was a good year but it did have it's ups and downs but overall very good. All the best to you in the New Year as well.

    Good afternoon Jeff, the wallpaper is always fun to get. All the best in the New Year to you.