Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's a new Elecraft K3 manual in town.....

About a week ago on the Elecraft reflector a post caught my attention. There was rumblings about a new manual that was just released for the Elecraft K3 radio.  This manual is not produced by Elecraft but by Fred Cady KE7X. Fred calls it the Design, Configurations and Operation Manual for the Elecraft K3.  On Fred's website you will find samples from the book, readers feedback  along with purchase options of ether a CD, spiral bound manual or a downloadable PDF file.  I chose the downloadable PDF (instant gratification) file, after payment it was sent to me almost imedataly via email. What I have found with most manuals as you read them you are given an understanding of how the radio works. With Fred's book as you read you are show how to work the radio.  I have not had the time as of yet to read the document from cover to cover. It's 280 pages are packed full with insight. The sections on Filtering and DSP  allowed me to fully understand the K3's filtering capabilities. The book spells out the best time to use certain settings, types of filters and the best combinations. This was done through explanation, hands on exercises and very easy to understand examples.   Fred's manual is a great companion to Elecraft's manual and money well worth spent.


  1. Morning Mike,

    I also downloaded the pdf version and have only had time to give it a brief glance. Later today I plan to take the file to one of those printing outfits and have them print & spiral- bind it. I've been a bit resistant to tinker with many of the settings in my K3 but fully realize I do need to as there may be improvements to be gained - maybe this book will give me the push...



  2. Good evening John, over the weekend I looked up areas of interest like filtering. I was very impressed how very readable the section was. It really expands your understanding of the K3. I sent the PDF out to the local printers and in a day I had a nice copied and spiral bound book.