Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alpha Delta DX-EE update..........

40m mobile dipole
On Friday night I sat down at the radio and computer and did some comparisons with WSPR on 40 meters between my two attic antennas.The Alpha Delta DX-EE and my  (soon to be taken down) mobile whip dipole setup. (All tests were done at 5 watts output) In the past on 40 meters I have never been able toget into Europe I was
40m with DX-EE
able to receive European signals but that was it. Above is the results of my 40 meter mobile whip dipole antenna on WSPR. I  found the whip antenna has always had good ears with the ability to hear the overseas WSPR signals but never had I been able to get my signal over there. I was very pleased when I switched over the the Alpha Delta DX-EE antenna. I was not only able to receive stations but for the first time ever I was heard in Europe. The results with the Alpha Delta also included a CW op calling CQ while WSPR was both listening and transmitting.
20m with DX-EE
To make room for the new antenna I have to take the old 20 meter dipole antenna down.  I worked the 20 meters with the Alpha delta on WSPR. I was not able to do a direct comparison as one antenna has been removed. I did have some previous WSPR post from my 20m dipole. I am not sure what the conditions were at the time or the time of day the results were taken but both antennas seem to do the same job. I did on Saturday morning try 10 meters and 15 but both bands were dead. Seemed no one on either band was getting any WSPR results so I am going to leave those tests for another day.
15m with DX-EE

Just one last note, I did go around the house to the many many various electronic devices to check for any troubles the new antenna may have on them. I am very happy to say that on all bands (CW) there was no troubles to report at up to 25 watts. 

Some results on Reverse Beacon network at 5 watts.
K3MM VE3WDM 14017.6CQ [LoTW] 30 dB20 wpm2339z 17 Jun
OL5Q VE3WDM 14020.3CQ [LoTW] 6 dB21 wpm2337z 17 Jun
K3MM VE3WDM 14020.3CQ [LoTW] 27 dB20 wpm2337z 17 Jun
G0KTN VE3WDM 14020.3CQ [LoTW] 4 dB20 wpm2337z 17 Jun
G0KTN VE3WDM 14014.5CQ [LoTW] 5 dB20 wpm2335z 17 Jun
K3MM VE3WDM 14014.5CQ [LoTW] 19 dB21 wpm2335z 17 Jun
W3OA VE3WDM 14014.6CQ [LoTW] 6 dB20 wpm2334z 17 Jun
W3UA VE3WDM 14014.5CQ [LoTW] 5 dB20 wpm2334z 17 Jun


  1. Hi Mike,
    Good to hear that you are sorting your antennas, I will have to listen out for you sometime on 20m in the evening, I have worked over to Boise, Idaho to Jack W7CNL on 5w so you never know..


  2. Good evening Steve, it has been a long and slow process to get the attic antenna situation sorted out. It would be great if we could has a QSO on day on the bands.

  3. Hello Mike, glad the antenna is working that good. Of course it could be the propagation but since you get your signals out to Europe that is great.
    I think about moving my WSPR efforts to HF again as 6m is very disappointing. 73, Bas

  4. Good morning Bas, yes for sure propagation does place a big part. When the next major CW contest comes my way I will give the antenna a good workout as well.

  5. Hi Mike , nice results. Indeed propagations are poor the last 3 weeks. We must wait for better conditions on HF. 73 Paul