Thursday, May 26, 2011

News from Scotland....Loch Long

Loch Long 
Just an update from Scotland was able to make just one contact so far, not due from bad conditions but rather good conditions in Scotland with touring around, in the pub late and getting into the room and just wanting to get to bed to rest for another busy day. In the picture above is Loch Long and we are staying at the Inn on the far right. The view across the loch is fantastic and this Loch is a salt water Loch so you have the opportunity of seeing the tide come in and out.
As for contacts on May 27 I made as I said one contact from my room here at Loch Long, it was OH7QR. Erkki had a 599 signal and I was given a 579. I am very happy with that since it was the KX1 at 2 watts at the window of my second floor of my room. Well it's off to breakfast now and I hope a little more operating time on the rig as this is our last night at this location.
Bye for now.


  1. Hello Mike, Loch Long looks beautiful.... I bet it's QRM quiet aswell....OH7QR 579...!!
    What antenna are you using Mike, it's giving good results?
    Enjoy the journey....73 Mark

  2. Hello Mike, I see you are enjoying your stay in Scotland. I love Scotland, I hope to visit it again soon. Nice contact from your apartment there. Have fun, 73 Paul

  3. Beautiful scenery and sounds like you're having a good time. Even with one contact (so far)'s exciting to have a radio along on the trip. Enjoy yourself...

  4. Good morning Mark, for sure the QRM is very very low there as compared to my home QTH. The antenna is the Miracle whip antenna, I was kinda surprised at the results as well. Since that contact I also contacted LA5O, we have now left Scotland and are back in England prepping for another trip.

    Good morning Paul thanks very much for the well wishes and I hope to continue making contacts as the holiday goes on.

    Well "J" the view is just great and the XYL and I have done lots of walking and discovering around the area. We are back in England now and will be touring the south of England for a week starting Monday and then it's off to the north of England.