Sunday, May 22, 2011

Operations from the U.K.......

On May 19th I gave the KX1 a go from Yarm in England from 1800 UTC to 1900 UTC. I tried calling CQ both on 20 and 40 meters but was shut out. While on the weekend we took an amazing trip down to London I did bring the KX1 along with good intentions. Turns out we walked and walked and tubed (subway) the city all day and into the late evening. By the time I made it back to our room it was all I could do to get into the bathtub and sooth my muscles.  On Monday we are off to Scotland for a week and the mighty KX1 will be in tow. I will say that this week the evenings will be more free time and looks good for some operating time. In short our trip to London was out of this world we got excellent weather and were able to see all that we wanted to. Also we made it to as many local pubs to test all the local drafts. Well it's time for bed now just got back to Yarm and have to pack and hit the sack for our trip to Scotland.


  1. Hello Mike, Enjoy you visit to Scotland. I hope you have more luck with the radio over there.
    It's always great to work from other places than home. hi
    73, Bert

  2. Good morning Burt yes I hope I have some luck as well but to be honest I have not had the time as of yet to give it an honest go. It seems that this trip to Scotland it going to be more low key during the evenings so that sounds like very good radio time.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Hope you're having a great time in the UK, you will find the Scots absolutely brilliant, Celtic nation you see, just like the Welsh.. have fun and take care..


  4. Good morning Steve, we have been in Loch Long for 2 day now and traveling around the area for most of the day. When we arrived it was rain and gale force winds. Looks like a great day today and we are planning on doing some more traveling around.....have to alway bring the rain coat though.