Sunday, May 29, 2011

CQ contest DE M/VE3WDM........

My XYL and I went for  a tour to York England yesterday it was raining in the morning before our trip but that was the end of it. We had a very nice but overcast day....apparently this is great weather according to Julie for picture taking.  (480 pictures were taken) York is a very historic city with buildings from the 1400's and churches that date back to early 600 A.D. Our big event of the day was the visit to York Minster Church. We were touring this magnificent Church for hours and Julie had a good workout with her camera there.  We ended out trip by having high tea at Betty's and from there it was some more picture taking then back home on the train to Yarm. So what does the above have to do with contesting you ask......well nothing really.....but when we got home to Yarm it was time to get on the Elecraft KX1 and throw the Miracle whip antenna in action. This weekend is the CQ WW WPX CW contest. When operating portable like I am I find that contests weekends are the best for making contacts. There are thousands of contesters out there all listening for signals as they call "CQ CONTEST".  Here in England I found the conditions on 20m to be just fine considering the propagations reports saying things were
poor.  It was a challenge using the KX1 in a contest as the filtering is not that of the K3 that is at home. This contest was interesting I did not have the computer and it's contesting programs. Everything was manual from logging, tuning, sending the serial numbers to tracking dupes. I was very tired and was only on for 45 minutes. I did not do to bad with only using 3 watts and the Miracle whip antenna I made 16 contacts giving points away.
 Today the weather is overcast and raining, the plan was to do a walk into the town of Yarm for a day trip. Look in the shop's, have lunch in a nice British pub and of coruse take pictures. If the weather turns really bad.... could be more contesting!!!! This evening before the contest is over I hope to get on again and this time run the KX1 barefoot on battery power only at 1.5 watts and see how I do for contacts with that.  CHEERS ALL!!!!!!!!


  1. Hello Mike, Already 16 QSO's on the Mirical Whip with only 3W is great. We had two birdsdays yesterday and one this afternoon, but I just past the 100 QSO's in the CQ WW WPX CW. hi Many with more then 1000 MPW.
    Good luck in the CQ WPX later. 73, Bert

  2. Hi Mike, I like the cartoon! Great. Good luck in the contest and weather forecast is better for tomorrow. Here rain and wind too. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Bert I hope to get back on today but it does not look like it will happen as we are out and about today in Yarm for more sight seeing. If the test is over then it is back to the old tried and and pounce method.

    Good to hear Paul that the weather may improve for Monday but when on holidays I don't care about the weather.

  4. I find that quite amazing! Great job with your simple station. A challenge but much satisfaction. That's what it's all about!

    Great job!

    Enjoy the pubs...