Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's time for the KX1 to head to the UK.....................

My trip to the UK is fast approaching and the trip would not be complete if I didn't try to fit some radio time in. All my paper work (CEPT permit) is in order for me to operate as M/VE3WDM. I will be using my Elecraft KX1 radio while in the UK. In a previous post I found the Pelican 1060
Pelican 1400 case (Click to enlarge each)
made a fine carry case for the KX1 and was great  for short outings. But for this 4 week trip the 1060 case was just not going to cut it. Since Pelican makes a very durable case I moved up to the Pelican 1400 case. It will fit all the extra equipment I wanted to bring and was still the right size as carry on. My travel kit will consist of the Elecraft KX1, Sangean ANT60 portable windup anteannas. These antennas are 23 ft so to one unit I added 5 feet to bring the length to 28 feet.
This made the driven wire about 28 ft. long.  For the KX1, the automatic antenna tuner  is designed to match to a wire around 24-28 ft. and a counterpoise about 16 ft. long according to Elecraft Each windup antenna had its connectors cutoff and a banana plugs attached in its place.  This plug fits the BNC-Binding Post Adapter. The other antenna I wanted to bring along was the
The radio lineup
Miracle whip antenna it gives me a fast way to get on the air from a hotel room that will now enable me to string out the Sangean ANT60's. I wanted to make sure I included the Nifty Mini Manual for the KX1 just in case I have a brain dead moment regarding how to do something with the KX1. These are great little reference guides that cover lots of options in a very easy to understand way. There is the small pouch that holds my ear buds and cable that connects my Palm paddle to the KX1. I also was able to find a plastic case that will hold an extra 8 Energizer ultimate lithium batteries These batteries are not cheap but they do hold a charge for some time and are very durable and they really do last a lot longer. The BNC -male to stacking twin binding post this will allow me to hook up the ANT60 antenna lead and counter poise to the KX1. Finally I found a nice compact note pad I can use to log QSO's  and I had made a little compartment under the KX1 to fit two mechanical pencils.
KX1 all snuggled in for the trip

The last order of business before I go is to take some time and get re-acquainted with the KX1 it has been some time since I have used it on the air.


  1. I look forward to reading about what contacts you make with this fine portable kit. Enjoy your visit!

  2. Looks nice Mike, I hope you can make some QSOs while in the UK. 73, Bas

  3. Good morning Julian and Bas, I am hoping to get some time away from the touring to do some radioing. Thanks for your well wishes.

  4. Hi Mike, have a good stay in the UK. 73 Paul