Saturday, April 30, 2011

Giving the KX1 a workout...............

I sat down Friday early evening to get used to the KX1 and it's functions, almost having to relearn all the in's and outs of the radio again. It has been some time since I used the KX1 but it did not take to long to get the hang of things again. This was the first time the Palm paddle got a good workout as well. It is very smooth and I do like it a lot more than the paddle that is offered by Elecraft for the KX1 the KXPD1. So with the time that I had I hooked the KX1 up to the attic 20 meter dipole and gave my 1.5 watts a whirl and the results are below.
 F5NBX Fred had a fantastic signal into Canada and was working lots of calls from all over North America. I was able to seek in with a 559 report from  him. It was a fast QSO's as he
had lots in line wanting to contact him. I went to the QRP ARCI page to calculate miles per watts. F5NBX was 2567 miles per watt for the KX1.

S51WO on the other hand was more a challenge and good practice for me with the KX1 and getting used to using the one filter setting it has. Joze was fading in and out as was I with him. He was moving fairly fast with his code but did slow down for me once I had copied his call wrong  several tries. Joze gave me a 339 and I can live with that considering I was pumping out only 1.5 watts. According to the QRP ARCI calculator 2903 miles per watt.


  1. Nice work! Been thinking about taking my KX1 out for a spin on the balcony one of these days! I still have the un-assembled KXB30 kit here somewhere ...

  2. Good morning Casey, I too have somewhere an un-assembled KXB30 as well. At the time I ordered it I was without a 30 meter antenna so it just went up on the self...somewhere. Now that I do have a 30 meter antenna on a cold winter day it may come out and get put together.