Monday, November 8, 2010

Saying goodbye to a good friend.............

I have not sold to much ham gear in my time but I ended up selling my FT-1000MP MKV. It was a great radio but I had to make room for the Elecraft K3. The selling of the Yaesu allowed me to purchase more goodies for the Elecraft rig as well. I don't know about you but I treat my radios like fine china so when an offer came for the FT-1000 I decided to deliver and not ship the radio as the buyer was about an hour away from me. I wanted to show him what the radio was capable of.  I packed the radio up in the original box and off I went. When I arrived at the new home of my FT-1000MP MKV it was down to the ham shack we went. I was shocked to see "stuff" everywhere....the rig went onto his table and to make room all the "stuff" was clunked on the top of the Yaesu !!!!!! (it gets better....or worse I should say) This radio I prided myself with "not even one scratch could be found on it"......NOT the fun begins. He wanted to see how the rig worked, I can understand that so on went the coax and I keyed the rig. The rig went into low power and a large red HIGH SWR warning was flashing. No big deal he said he wiggled the PL-259 around and all was fixed.....(so he thought) Well the PL-259 kept giving me and the rig grief now the decision was made to change to a different antenna and coax. The new ( I use that word very loosely) coax was made up of the braid having an alligator clip soldered to it and center was just a blob of solder. On the alligator went and the blob of solder was pushed into the center of the SO-239 on the rig. The coax switch (again I use coax switch loosely)  was a set of electrical light switches!!! Well payment was made and I bid my radio farewell.....a wise ham once told me if your going to sell your rig do it from home.....if not bring your own coax, key and dummy load....very wise words now that I  see what can happen.

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  1. Hi Mike, and the strange thing is that everything this guy invents works. Many years ago I visited a lot of 11 Mtr operators in my CB years. I always wondered how they kept things working with different pieces of coax connected with each other just with a "chocolate block", none or wrong soldered PL connectors. And still they had signal....I guess there are many HAM operators who should know better but still working like this. Anyway, I hope he has fun with this nice radio. But I think you did sell it with pain in your HAM radio operator heart... 73, Bas