Friday, October 22, 2010

RFI issues any ideas....

As I mentioned in a previous post I had some QRN and now think it is some type of RFI. Here is what I have done up to this point.

1.The RFI is on all bands at the same S unit and it is across the whole band just not a segment. I could view this with my PowerSDR software. The whole noise floor would rise and fall in sync with the RFI pattern.

2.When I connected to the Dummy load the RFI was no longer present.

3.With the center pin of the PL-259 only connected to rig RFI was present on all bands again.

4.With PL-259 disconnected from radio RFI was gone.

Below is a recording I did not 20 meters the other day have a listen your feed back would greatly help. I hope to by the end of the weekend know what and were the RFI is and hopefully solve it.


  1. That's a very annoying interference. But what it is? It doesn't sound like PLC or Powerline interference to me. It's more like a faulty switch somewhere nearby as you can hear it on the center pin. 73, Bas

  2. You know what Bas after posting this both on my blog and the Elecraft reflector and getting some great feedback the noise is gone!!!!! It's like going to the dentist. I am awaiting it's return most of the feedback seem to think it is a bad doorbell transformer.

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