Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Honey do list vs contesting

I don't know about others but for me when contest day approaches there are voices calling me to do work around the house (honey do list) then there are the contest voices calling out for me. Then the inner compromise is made settling the unconscious verbal war...."Mike you need to have some down time...some rest and relaxation to recharge the batteries." This past weekend was the ARCI QRP during this contest I realized
-I have to recheck the S meter calibration again on my K-3.
-The options for the volume balance during diversity mode with the K- have to be looked into.
-My extra keyboard and mouse I use with my laptop have to be relocated so I will not confuse them with the main PC's keyboard and mouse during the contest.
-The external sound card  (E MU 0202) I use for PowerSDR software has some kind of cabling problem.
-Speaking of PowerSDR I upgraded the software and now realize a new calibration between it and my K3 has to be done.
- Finally there is some type of new QRM that showed up during the contest that I have to hunt down around the house.
At the end of the contest it seems my to do list has gotten longer.......those darn contest voices deceived me....hmmmmmmm 


  1. Hi Mike, this is so familiar to me. I finally got to search for the QRN from somewhere near the house. But still de list is not decreasing. And I don't even talk about the "honey do" list. Last time I was ready with that list we sold the house to start over again ;-)
    73, Bas

  2. BAs I was reading about it on your blog and it was very interesting thanks for posting about it.