Saturday, October 23, 2010

Elecraft K3 diversity mode

True stereo diversity mode
A few post's ago I reviewed how my new sub receiver(KRX3) for my K3 worked. The only area of the KRX3 I was not able to demonstrate was true stereo diversity mode. At the time I was not very familiar with it. I have been able to work with it during some contest situations and regular QSO's. It was a learning curve of some misunderstandings and adjustments to how best to setup the radio for diversity mode. Thanks to many of the hams who helped clear things up for me. I found it best to listen with stereo headphones I also am using two antennas that are at different polarizations. There is a vertical antenna and a horizontal dipole. The vertical  is used by the main receiver and the dipole is used by the sub receiver. VFO A sets the receive frequency for both main and sub receivers. Also mode and filtering changes made to the main receiver will be also made to the sub at the same time. Diversity holds a lot of promise for weak signal DXing where using 2 separate antennas can help reduce the impact of fading, QRM and noise. If there is a signal that is fading in and out chances are one of the two antennas will have a receive advantage over the other. I set the K3 up so one volume control will control both receivers at the same time. Then I have a  balance control the left channel for the vertical antenna and the right for the dipole and in the center both antennas. Well enough chatting about it here are some audio recordings I did of my K3 in true stereo diversity mode. In these recordings I will be going from channel to channel as well as a balance of both antennas.

Make sure you use stereo headphones  the left channel is my vertical antenna and the right channel is my dipole antenna.  

Both these recordings were done on 40 meter at 7.030 the filter being used was an 8 pole inrad 400hz.

Do let me know what you think???

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