Friday, June 24, 2011

Julian G4ILO

Last week I read Julian's blog posting and I as many sent him our well wishes. I very much miss his almost daily postings of comments, reviews and his outlook on many subjects. Each day as I do an overview of the blogs that I follow I zip down to Julian's to see if there is any news. The last I read he was awaiting  a CT scan. I hope all is well Julian I know I am a new blogger but I also know I speak for many sending you our well wishes and prayers.
73's Julian de VE3WDM


David, K2DBK said...

Unfortunately, the situation appears very serious for Julian as posted today on his blog:

VE9KK said...

Yes Dave it sure has taken a turn I posted a card to Julian and Olga today. I have very much enjoyed Julian's input in the blog world. His absence has been very much noticed.