Tuesday, August 9, 2016

JT65-HF is now working!

PSK reporter
Over the weekend I tried some JT-65 HF again after getting great feedback from my last blog post, I was under the impression I had some JT-65HF hits and in fact it turns out I netted ZERO contacts. The reports I was seeing on PSK reporter were stations I was hearing and  not hearing me! One of those who commented advised me to listen to the signal WSJT-X was sending. It turns out that was one of my problems, the software was not sending out CQ but a solid tuning tone. Seems this was a software issue with WSJT-X if I was to use the "tune" button on the software to see my ALC it would then send the same tone when TX was enabled. The way around this was to just restart WSJT-X and don't use the tune button on the software. There is a bata test software out now version 1.7 and I may download and try it. My results have been much better once this error was corrected.
Ham spots report


  1. Hi Mike,
    Glad to hear you are on the air. First thing I do is hit the Tune button and adjust the output slider so that the ALC is zero on my rig and power out is around 20 watts also as measured on the rig. Then click the CQ button which fills in the message box with CQ VA3ZC FN03 and hit the Enable transmit button when I'm ready to make a qso. If you don't hit the CQ button then it will send whatever was in the box. I guess the box could be empty if you've never made a qso, hence the empty tone.
    See you on the air.
    73's Paul VA3ZC

    1. Good evening Paul, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. That is a very good point and I have never thought about it.....for sure next time I am going to follow the steps you just outlined and see if that was the issue.