Saturday, April 9, 2016

Part 2: What to bring for portable operations?

Now that I have some potential operating areas scouted out (with more to come as I do some more exploring) it’s time to look at what to bring
  1. An HF radio……….DUH well of coarse……I’m bringing my Elecraft KX3 it has internal rechargeable batteries and you can plug in an external power source, internal antenna tuner, CW paddles attached to the radio, up to 15 watts of power thanks to the recent firmware upgrade but I will stick with 5 watts and many more portable friendly features.
  2. The antenna……..I have chosen to use mono band whip antennas. I have the Workman HF whips from 10m to 40m and a great carry case for them. I’m able to Velcro strap them to the rear rack and to the front bar on the bike.
  3. Spare external battery and I have already the Tracer 4Ah rechargeable battery. I was looking at other batteries but I figured “use what you already have”.
  4. 3x5 cards with some of the common command functions of the KX3. Such things as setting up CW Keyer memories and playing them,memory setup and recall and dual watch if needed.
  5. Bring some info on the contests that may be going on that day as I can scoop some contacts that are in a contest. It’s handy to know the exchange they are looking for in the contest.
  6. Then there is the miscellaneous  stuff such as coax, pen, paper, cell phone and don’t forget bug spray, sun screen, sun glasses, water and a hat.
  7. Make a list ahead of time that what to bring………there has been to many times to count when I thought I could remember everything only to find out I missed something and I was not able to operate because of it.

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