Monday, November 2, 2015

WSPRing on 30M

30m WSPRing
On Sunday I found some time to get on the radio and I found there was not to much happening on the bands. I had some other things I could do while on the PC so I started up WSPR just to see how the bands were doing. I gave 30m a go starting around 3pm local time and really there were no spots of my signal. At around 5pm local things began to pickup and I was being heard across the pond. I was using 5 watts and I understand that is very high for WSPR but I wanted to see how the loop antenna would do with that type of power. I would like to use WSPR to see when each of the bands peaks in my area and this would mean a few weekends of WSPRing from morning to evening to see if I can pickup a pattern for good propagation from my location. Just as a side note I'm not sure where W0AY is located.....seems to be out in the ocean?? I did look his call up on QRZ.COM and found his home QTH to be in Montana so not to sure why he is out in the ocean.........maybe M/M?? I did email Laurence to see if in fact he was M/M or if WSPR was just a bite confused last evening.  


  1. Hello Mike, I'm glad I see some posts from you again. I was WSPRing 30m as well today. Only TXing. 1W on a magnetic loop on the concrete floor inside my garage. Only European spots today. Best distance LA9JO 1840km. But I had some more success lately being heard in the USA and New Zealand with the same setup. So propagation is not too good on 30m lately I think. You did well however. 73, Bas

    1. Good evening Bas, nice to hear from you and yes it's great to get back into blogging again.
      73 Mike