Monday, January 12, 2015

Following up

Some readers of my blog emailed me as well as others commented at amateur  for me to try to give CQ a call. One fine reader also sent along the 1 800 number to CQ and on Monday I was going to give them a call. Today is Monday and I did not want to make the call to early in the morning as I did email them and wanted to give some time to see if they would answer me via email. The morning and part of the afternoon went by and no email. So I gave the 1 800 number a call, now sometimes these numbers don't work when calling from Canada BUT this one went through! There was some automated number pushing I had to do to get to the circulation dept. I was able to get to the ext of those that looked after problems with their circulation of CQ! So what happen you ask……IT WAS AN ANSWERING MACHINE…….I was to leave a message with my name and ZIP code to which I gave them my postal code. Then I was asked to leave a brief message with my issue (my issue was far from brief) I also added my phone number and call sign. 
That's the update so far no email and the circulation office seems to have gone the way of an answering machine. This evening I'm going to sit down with some tea and read my QST heck both the digital and print version have arrived! 

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