Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ham radio "ZERO" doing everything but radio "TEN"

Good afternoon fellow bloggers between work, getting over a nasty flue bug and running around doing none ham stuff it sure has been a long time since my last post. I have been able to get on the internet and check out the blog posting of fellow bloggers.......BUT as for on air time is has just gotten away from me. I have had some opportunities to get on the rig and for some reason all hell with my PC would break loose. I like to run a PC to both operate my K3 and to log contacts. Since we have moved and I have setup the PC at our new location hoping all would be well.  It seems all the USB ports were not matching what the software was setup even though all was setup the same……PLUS my VSP manager program which provides me with virtual com ports it just for some reason went A.W.L from my PC! There has been more screw ups but the most recent and I hope the last was a request for a video card up date. I said yes and as it was loading it told me that most if not all of the updates would not apply to my PC. Well that would be a waste of hard drive space I  chose to not install the up date. I was then to restart the PC....sounds simple....WELL....the PC started in safe mode and to make a long story short I had to reload the the drivers for the video card, setup the two monitor option (which reminded me of how much a pain in the ass it was) finally setup the resolution as well.
So things are up and running and on Friday I was able to make a fast contact with LY10NATO. This as you guessed it is a special activity call pertaining to NATO.  The contact was made with 5 watts and my MFJ 1788 antenna. The weather here is still a winter wonderland with 15cm of snow on Wednesday, then it was temps of plus 9C on Friday and now this evening a cold weather alert has been issued! Anytime this winter wants to exit…… all the better.


  1. Ah yes, those lovely PCs. Never had your sort of problem here but I don't use mine in any way approaching your level of activity. Congrats on the nice QRP DX. The loop antenna doing the job now. My sister in northern NYS is sick of the white stuff. 73 Dick

    1. Good morning Dick, yes it is true that some if not most of my PC problems are from my extra software that I want to run along ham radio…..not keeping it simple. But when it works I sure do like it.
      Have a great week.