Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ice storm 12 hour work days means no time for blogging.

Six days ago here in Toronto we had the largest ice storm in our history at one point there were close to 400,000 people without hydro. The storm took down a record amount of trees thus taking down hydro poles, substations, subways and at the height of the storm most traffic lights.  Seeing I work for the hydro we were put on 12 hour rotating shifts. I have been on the night shift for 7 days now with no end in sight. We just finished moving into downtown Toronto and I am about 5 minutes from work and this has become very convenient with getting to and from work. During the first few days after the storm
Making the best of things
the city looked like a war zone with trees down blocking streets, flattening cars and causing serous
damage to homes. Working on the high voltage hydro lines sure has proven to be a challenge during the hours of darkness. The blog has suffered as at this point my life is going to work coming home going to sleep and then back to work again. The days have blurred together and one has to check their Iphone to see what day it is.  The weather has gotten milder in recent days which is great for getting the ice off the trees and power lines...BUT.....there is an alert now that while working in the downtown core falling ice the size of compact cars has been falling from large office towers. So lots of fun here at VE3WDM and I am hoping for things to soon get back to "normal". At this point it looks like I will also be spending New years eve and day at work.......just like Christmas day.
Some of the damage trees


  1. Hello Mike,

    I've been thinking about you and your city as I read about the power loss in Toronto. Hopefully, you will be able to rest soon. Looking forward to your blogging when things return back to normal. 72's

    1. Good evening John, I sure have missed sitting down and reading the blogs it keeps me up to snuff with what is going on in the ham world. I hope this will come to an end soon.