Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's been going on around here for the past 2 weeks!!

Interference caused my AOC monitor
Nothing from the LG monitor.
This has been the longest stretch I have gone without posting something up on the blog. Have really not been on the radio all that much as the conditions have not been all that great....BUT... there have been some happenings around the shack. Back in February I posted on the blog the problem I was having with my new monitor. It was affecting my Elecraft P3 with all kinds of interference. I tried all kinds of fixes but it just brought about frustration. Last week I went out and purchased a new monitor and this time I did not go for the cheapest! This time I did some reading online of monitors other hams have and worked well for them. One of the monitors mentioned was the LG line of monitors, so I purchased a 24 inch one and gave it a go. It's working just find and does not affect the P3 at all.
At one time but sold the LP Pan and the Creative Labs E MU 0202 USB external sound card. This combo worked great and gave me a super pan-adapter. I was able to with the click of a mouse (using PowerSDR software) control my K3 and also click on signals on the bands scope and the rig would go there. Well I
purchased a used LP Pan and E MU 0202 device. I have not as of yet hooked it up I have gotten as far as
to download the software I am going to use with it which is NaP3 software. At this point when I tried to install the software (or any other SDR software) I get an error message entitled 2908. This error message and what I have tried to cure it is a whole blog post on it's own. This is still a work in progress and I hope I don't have to resort to reformatting my hard drive!
 The final happenings here have been....working on my Elecraft K2 kit and the accompanying blog where the progress is being shown.


  1. Hi Mike, I don't like those error messages at all. I never succeeded to install CAT control or SDR. It made me mad, and I don't know why. I have all the right drivers, but after installing no success. So I gave up all attempts now. I am a little jealous of all those hams who are working CAT control radios. Aaargh... 73 Paul

    1. Good afternoon Paul, I have had my issue with getting the CAT controls to work with N1MM. It can be very frustrating but I find the help group can be great to get things up and running. As for the error message I think it's time to reformat the PC.