Saturday, August 31, 2013

Error 2908 is gone......

After becoming very frustrated with this error I decided to re-format my hard drives. I dug up the XP install CD and all the drivers needed. I then transferred  all (so I thought at the time)  items from my drives before starting the re-format. The process went very smooth there was only one "are you kidding me" moment when the Win XP CD said there was an error loading a file. It was a matter of cleaning the CD and I was back in biz.
The error is now gone and most if not all of my ham programs have been loaded, now it's time to get them running the way I want them too. This is the part that takes time up to this point  my only trouble has been getting N4PY radio control program and N1MM contest logger to talk to each other via VSP manager!! I can remember having trouble with this in the past and I just can remember what I did for them to get along. Once the system was up and running it was then I had some "you can't be serous moments"....I did not save a backup copy of my log from DXlab, I did not save any of my contests in N1MM nor all my macro setups.........oh well at least the PC is healthy again........until that is another virus or malware decides to play games with me that is!!

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