Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Propagation forecast but that's it.....

I was on the radio now and then over the weekend with my hopes set on picking up some new DXCC's with the CQMM contest. I have very few of the South American DXCC's and it would had upped my total for the ARRL Jubilee. The news seemed good with rising sunspots,flux and lower solar wind....BUT....  for some reason the spots were all over my DXLab DXview world map but that's as far as it went. I heard nothing at all at this end. It just seemed to be one of those weekends with great conditions on paper but in the real world not so good. On Saturday I did make one contact PP1CZ Brazil (all ready have that DXCC) made it in with one watt with several repeats. That gave me a distance of 5088 miles per watt. Today the numbers look great again  sun spots (118) and SFI (148) but I did notice the Bz is at -15.5 that is the lowest I have seen it for some time now and once again the bands were dead.


  1. 7AM this side of the pond and prop awful. Poor to very poor. Congrats on your 1-watt Brazil contact. 73 Dick

  2. Good morning Dick, thanks for the congrats and as for the conditions today here the Bz seems to have gone toward the positive which is a good thing considering it was in around -15.5 yesterday. The K index was as high as 6 yesterday and is only down a bit today. I'm working today so not able to get on until this evening for a short time.
    Have a good day Dick