Saturday, April 21, 2012

DXLab's software

My DXLab's desktop
Over the past couple of weeks I have been dabbling with "all in one" radio software. I narrowed my search down to Ham radio deluxe and DXLab. In the past I had about 4 different radio software programs on my computer. I found that I used one for a month then switch to another one. I would once again have to hit the  learning curve to get familiar with the program. A lot of time was wasted doing this and it could get very frustrating at times. So last month the decision was made to narrow my choice down to ONE and stick with it. So it was time to release the hounds and begin the chase!!!! It was recommended I give DXLab a shot. Up to that point I really had not heard of this program not sure why but just never had. After working with this program over the past month I have decided this is the program for me. DXLab's is made up of 8 applications ranging from rig control, logging and a  web cluster app just to mention 3 of the 8 modules.

Reason's why I chose DXLab
  1. You can pick and choose what applications you want to install. 
  2. Once an application is installed you are able to customize it to your needs.
  3. Great support, the short time I was running DXlabs they released fixes and upgrades.
  4. Running all 8 applications  did not seem to take up much of the PC's processor.
  5. Each Application has over the top documentation in great detail. 
  6. It will start up 3rd party applications to run with DXLab. For me so far I have my LP-100A virtual meter starting up within DXLab. 
Things you want to do if you chose the program
  1. Make sure you read the documentation to fully understand what each app can do. 
  2.  The first application you want to download is called Launcher. This app when up and running at the push of a button install each app you want to try. It also (when configured to) will check for updates of all the programs each time it opens. It will also with one click start-up and shut down all DXLab app's. I made the mistake of not using this program and I manually unzipped, created a folder and installed each application. The Launcher makes installation a painless experience. 
  3. Join the DXLab yahoo group for outstanding support. I posted a questions and it was answered in 20 minutes.  
So in conclusion this is one of the best programs I have come across and it's FREE as well. I have not as of yet installed all the application programs that I have planned too. I want to take the time to read about each app and understand it's capabilities. So for me it's still a growing adventure if your in the market for an all in one radio application do give DXLab's a shot!


  1. I was a HRD user and switched to DXLabs a few months ago. I was concerned with the lack of support over the previous 1+ years with HRD and uncertainty with the sale. Great decision to switch. DXLabs is fast, stable and support from the developer as well as other users is fantastic.

  2. Good morning David, I have been using the software for almost a month now and find it to be great. I does take some time to understanding all the program is able to do. The only portion of the program I have not instaled yet is the digi section.

  3. Winwarbler is great for digi, psk and rtty with microkeyer is fantastic, does cw as well. Tom K8WDX