Friday, February 24, 2012

Eham reviews the Elecraft KX3...but it's not out yet???

Unbelievable.....there is a review out on Eham regarding the Elecraft KX3. I was doing a Google search of the KX3 last evening to see what was new. I came across a link to Eham Matt Zilmer, W6NIA posted a great field tester review of the up and coming KX3. Now please correct me if I am wrong but how many of the "other" ham radio manufactures field test their rigs with hams who are not employees?? Ok I get it if you have read my blog I am just an Elecract fanatic... guilty.....but do post a comment if you can come up with a ham gear manufacture who field test rigs with fellow hams or were emails are answered sometimes within the hour or that day....I'm getting side tracked.....Matt gives a technical overview of the rig then moves onto his opinion and finally the nuts and bolts of operating the rig and bragging of his contacts. If you are a follower of my blog then you may have read my post KX3....need or want....there I decided to stick with my Elecraft K2 rig and not spend the bucks on the KX3. But as time goes on and as the rigs get the hands of the eagerly awaiting hams its going to be hard to resist one!


  1. Hi Mike,

    Maybe eHam get paid for positive publicity? I don't know, but I think your right, the K2 is a fine outstanding transceiver. I don't buy equipment in the USA because of taxes etc. the price is too high. But I would like to have a K3 for instance. There is no dealer in Europe, and that's a pity. I think there will be a market for it. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul

    1. Hallo Paul,

      In Europa is er wel degelijk een dealer van Elecraft, namelijk in Berlijn. Kijk maar eens op, en daar vind je het hele gamma. Ik heb de prijzen nog niet vergeleken met de USA, maar dat valt te bekijken.
      For our english speaking friends....just told Paul that there is an Elecraft dealer in Europe on It's worth to check this out for those interested.

      73 Patrick ON4CDJ

    2. Good afternoon Paul, no problem at all post Dutch on the blog.I have often sent out a reply to either Paul or Bert PA1B in Dutch using Google translator. Thanks for posting the info and I hope it can be of use to any other hams in Europe.

  2. Good morning Paul, I agree with not having a dealer in Europe it does limit their market over there. As for Eham I believe it is very independent and there money comes from advertising only. I am almost positive reviews are not biased toward their advertisers.

  3. Hello,

    you can find a dealer for Elecraft and other products in Berlin: Yesterday Peter (DL2FI)wrote, that he received also the KX3 for a field test. Just look for qrp-shop de . I am not connected to that little company.

    72 de Hajo

  4. Hajo thanks very much for the info I was wondering why Elecraft would not avail themselves to such a great market. Thanks for taking the time to comment and stopping by the blog.

  5. I'm a bit slow. I just got started with a K3. I guess I like to have my Elecraft gear throughly tested and refined before I take the plunge. Your probably wise to wait a while for a KX3 for it to go through its growing pains first!

  6. Good evening N8CEP, I have had my K3 for about 2 years now and I am still learning about the rig. I imagine with the KX3 there may be some bugs to be worked out. I may wait for a year, maybe two. Have fun with your K3 and hope to hear you on the air. Thanks for taking time to comment....73