Monday, February 20, 2012

ARRL DX CW contest done for 2012

Action on 20m
Since my setup does not allow me to be even close in the top running I try to come up with some goals before each contest,I find it makes the contest more interesting. Since this contest hosts a load of DX and the ARRL is offering a Diamond DXCC  challenge certificate for 2012 I decided to begin my DXCC country collection. During this contest I was not concerned with the number of contacts, concerned about spending to much time on making a certain contact or my hourly QSO rate. I was set on DXCC country hunting and working toward the 2012 DXCC award.

Contest highlights
  1. As always I operate the contest QRP at 5 watts but I also I was able at times to drop the power down to 5mW's. My longest miles per watts in this contest was 9339 miles per watt. 
  2. I was able to collect 65 DXCC countries during the contest.
  3. I made it into Japan and Hawaii with 5 watts I tried lower power setting but it was not working. 
  4. All bands (for me that's 10,15,20 and 40m) were open at one time or another and I had  contacts on all these bands. 
Contest downside
  1. This was the one and only downside I found for the whole times when I came across rare DX and rightfully so there was a pileup. I found some stations would continue to send their call even over the DX station who was trying to answer a call. It's hard to find a hole to enter your call when (and they were very few) operators keep sending their call no matter what is going on in the pileup. 
To wrap it up the contest was great and propagation sure was not as good as in weeks gone by but still good. Operating QRP meant I had to send lots of repeats but the patience's of the DX op's was outstanding.  This contest gave me a good boost toward my DXCC award. 


  1. Hello Mike, It 's amazing what you indoor antenna's and 5 Watts can do. FB on your QSO's with 5 watts with JA and Hawai.
    I made only 12 QSO's in the contest, to the US with 2.7 watts and lower. On Saturday and Sunday I spent time to make a new entry for my Blog. 73, Bert

  2. Good evening Bert, I have not really had a chance to check out what is going on in the blog world this weekend. I was just posting some fast updates with regards to the contest. I will stop by your blog Tuesday while I get back into my routine.

  3. Nice work in the contest Mike. I was lamenting that as DX I can not really work DX (the States and Canada don't count much in that regard). Perhaps I will start hunting DX again in earnest, though I'm not as interested in the Diamond award now that I've read the rules and since I am no longer an ARRL member.

    Keep up the good work! 73.

  4. Mike,

    Greetings from the shackadelic and a job well done this weekend. I'm thankful for all the low power stations who went into the log. It seemed 15m played well this weekend as I was stoked when a 1 watt JA-station called. Keep up the great work and hope to see you in the log!

    73, Scot KA3DRR

  5. Good evening Casey, what rules did you take note of that helped to turn you away from the award...other than not being an ARRL member? I could had worked so many U.S stations in the contest but I am a "0" pointer for them so I did not want to waste their time. So that kept my count down as DX was the only option.

  6. Scot I read your blog and it sounds like you had a great time in the contest. 1 watts from JA is out of this world. I tried to keep the power down but after 2 or three calls I would up the power one watt at a time. Over the coarse of the contest I found it was 5 watts that was making the contacts. I agree 15m was great this weekend. Saturday was better than Sunday seemed the propagation was not as good then. Over all it was a great weekend.

  7. Fantastic Mike - 65 countries with QRP and an indoor antenna! And you had fun doing it, didn't you?!

  8. Good evening John, just for the record I had a blast in the contest. Each contact is a challenge for me to see how little power is needed to get the contact. 65 DXCC contacts is a great start to the challenge of the DXCC award

  9. Hello Mike, 65 DXCC is incredible. A contest like this one is a great opportunity do hunt DXCCs you hereby prove it. And what is more amazing is that it had been done QRP! 73, Bas

  10. Good evening Bas, yes the contests that are world wide seem to be the trick to loading up on the DXCC. Now the fun begins when some of the DXCC's will be the rare ones that everyone else is going for as well. But I am going to give it my best shot!!