Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Setting up digital modes or going to the dentist what's better.......

HRD DM-780
Another day in the shack but not really on the radio as so much as setting up the radio. I decided to take the plunge and go head first into setting up a digi mode. PSK was my weapon of choice. I did some looking over of notes last night to get my mind into it. The software I have preloaded on the PC is  Julian's Kcomm, fldigi and HRD's  DM-780.  One of the trying tests for me is to get the radio to communicate with the
software. I was not disappointed.... figuring out the com port, stop bits, CAT settings,
Kcomm with fldigi

handshake or not....and the list goes on was a challenge. Then there is the sound card setup and settings!! Some of the troubles I ran into were.....not being able to get the K3 to key up when the software said it should. After overcoming that  the K3 had no problem keying up but then would not un-key at the end of the macro!!! After solving those two hurdles I then had troubles getting the 5 watts output I wanted to have. It turned out to be a jungle of sound card tuning and radio tweaking. I was not sure how I did it but I am now able to have a solid 5 watts out on all bands and simply adjust the K3's power control if I want to increase the power. I won't try to figure out what I did as when I do for some reason I un-configure  the configured. The software I decided to stick with was DM-780. Kcomm is great and works well with the

fldigi with flr
K3 radio. The setup of communication between the radio and software was the easiest of all the software I dealt with. I was not able to get the waterfall going I did integrate fldigi waterfall but it seemed to run as two separate programs. I was getting frustrated at this point and really never looked into getting around this issue. One great feature of Kcomm are the macro's that control aspects of the K3.  With running fldigi on it's own I was not able to get the K3 out of transmit when the macro was done sending....again frustration was setting in. I am sticking with DM-780 but have to do some reading on how to customize the macros and some other minor settings.


  1. Hi Mike:
    Ha, Just what I've been playing with - I know how you feel - Just been setting up Ros and ran into troubles - it was of course ME! completely forgot the radio re-set the week earlier and digi went to hell (No Pun intended)
    yes it's minefield, but once you know where you are it's great fun - maybe see you on-screen ?
    cheers !

  2. Good morning Peter, yes these digi modes sure can be trying at times. The other week when I had the nerve to give them a go. I ended the evening in frustration only realizing the next day the K3 was in test mode. In that mode there is no transmit at all. So almost a whole evening of playing around with settings on the software for nothing. Also I most likely caused me screw ups in the software by playing around with it and not remembering what I did. Oh well all part of radio play.

  3. Mike,

    I used Fldigi for a long time before I found out there is another "Fl" program, namely Flrig. The latter is great with my K2, a snap. It gives more control than just Fldigi and is very simple and compact. The really great thing is that the two programs communicate with one another seamlessly. You can still change freq from Fldigi and it is reflected in Flrig. Of course, Flrig has other uses to control the rig and doesn't need Fldigi in any way. If you use it with Fldigi just select XML-RPC as the rig control instead of Hamlib, etc.



  4. Good evening Casey, today I got HRD up and running. Was not able to make any contacts but that will come. Next I am going to use fldigi along with flrig. Thanks for the info on the settings. I am going to see which program I am more comfee with.