Saturday, January 14, 2012

PSK31 up and running.......

Giving PSK a go
On Wednesday I spent some time familiarizing myself with HRD's DM-780 and getting some custom macros setup. In time I am  going to try out Fldigi and see which program I like better. The only reason I started with DM-780 was the K3 is all setup with HRD so I am half way there when it comes to PSK. So how did it go...well I am operating at 5 watts and there were some stations calling CQ but I was not able to grab their attention with my replies. I setup DM-780 to send info up too PSKreporter but up to this point and including today I just don't seem to be spotted at all. I am not sure if my setup with PSKreporter is wrong or I my signal
Action on the band

is not getting out. I do see on my LP-100 watt meter there is 5 watts getting to the antenna but whether it is readable or not I am not sure. Besides I am still getting the hang of PSKreporter as well so it could be operator error at this end. Also today I was involved in the NAQP CW contest but am now just taking a bit of a break. I was calling CQ on 40m CW a short time ago and KC9SNC came back to me. Our QSO was going well and the CW speed was very comfortable for me.......then came the contester's right over our QSO!!! Now they may not have heard us as I was QRP at 5 watts but that brought the QSO to an end. I did email Matt and gave him some more info about my station and that we may have better luck next time. So up to this point I have not been able to make a PSK contact maybe I will give Fldigi a go on Sunday and see if I can bag my first PSK QSO. It's now time to head back to the NAQP CW contest......and try not to QRM anyone who is not involved in the contest!!!


  1. Hi Mike, If you are not spotted at pskreporter, then it must be your signal. You have to check it. Even with 5 watts you should make a qso. I like both programs, Fldigi en HRD. I use 4 programs for psk31, also MMVARI and Digipan. Good luck, 73 Paul

  2. Good evening Paul, I had a feeling it might be something up with either a setting in DM-780 or a signal problem. I am going to give Fldigi a go on Sunday and see how that works out. This has always been one of the things that drives me nuts about the digi modes compared to CW.

  3. Mike, if you want to try a sked on PSK let me know. I am available this evening and any time Sunday. Send e-mail to shack at tomochka dot com

  4. Hi Mike:
    I found 5w very frustrating, by the time you have your levels set and making sure you have NO ALC action I was only getting about 3w out and people just seem to overlook such weak traces - problem is some folks are using 40-50w and blowing everyone out the sky ! - I eventually found 15w IS a very reliable level and get good replies usually. That said, lots of operators seem oblivious to how wide their signal is.
    I hope you get it sorted Mike, Psk is actually a good mode, once you have it running and made a few qso's you'll want to try other modes, HELL is fascinating so too is JT65.
    But HAVE FUN !
    73' Peter

  5. I've had a lot of success with PSK31 at 4W, indeed that is all I used for many years until I got the K3 and KPA100. Not sure why you're struggling.

  6. Hi Mike, I use DM780 as my main program. I tried all kind of PSK programs like FLdigi, digipan, mixW, MMVARI, MMTTY etc. etc. but always find DM780 the most convenient one. Did you montor your signal? Have you got the radio on USB mode? Mistake I made sometimes I touched the "clarifier" don't what it's called on the K3. But RX-TX must be on the same frequency. I'd had succes even on DX with 5W, and even 0,5W (with G4ILO !) but most of the time I use 25W.

    Good luck, 73,Bas

  7. Good afternoon Casey, I will do just that and email you to see how we can do. it may be this evening if all goes well as this weekend has been dedicated to taking down the Christmas stuff. It's late due to the lower back hiccup last weekend.
    Hi Peter, I may have to bump things up to 15 or so watts but for the time being I am going to try to get the software sorted out.
    Julian it's good to hear from you and I hope all is well? I think the struggle is the software vs of us is confused and I think it's not the software.
    Good afternoon Bas, the K3 has what is called DataA mode and it's for the digi modes. As for the clarifier I will check that. I imagine it is just a simple adjustment or change that has to be done and then I will be rocking and rolling.