Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New 1000 mile per watt record.........

The excitement had me fill in the wrong band a new one is coming for 14 MHZ (click for full size)
Attic dipole (click to enlarge)
One of my goals during the CQWW CW contest was to drop my power and beat my last 1000 miles per watt record. Up until this past contest
my miles per watt all time high was 8325 miles per watt!! Now you also have to remember I am not running a huge tower loaded with eye candy beams. My radio waves into ham land are done with an attic dipole in a "Z" configuration (Alpha Delta DX-EE), so it has a nice wooden roof above an insulated ceiling below. Yes it is not the latest and greatest of antennas but I'm not doing to bad with it. During the contest  I dropped the Elecraft K3's power to 500mW's to see what I could do. To my surprise ZS4TX came back to me... I made contact and exchanged contest info. After the contest I emailed ZS4TX (Bernie) and he was shocked that I was running QRPp at 500mW's. My signal according to Bernie was above average into South Africa. So my new "to beat record" is 16,737 miles per watt I more than doubled my last record!!!

The folded or "Z" part (click to enlarge)


  1. As I QRP fan, i can only congratulate you Mike . Well done ! 73 de René - ON7FR

  2. Hi Mike, great job! The other station is not always aware of the QRP status. Maybe they hear 100 watt instead of 100 mW. ;-) 73 Paul

  3. Hi Mike. Congrats and well done.

  4. Hi Mike, congratulations...excellent QRPp contact.. 73 de Mark MW0MJB :0)

  5. Hello Mike, great to see this beautiful award.
    With excellent propagation, even a modest antenna will work well. Just reduce and see what happens, that's the FUN of QRPp. hi
    73, Bert

  6. Good evening all, thanks very much for your well wishes and Bert I hope that in the future 500mW's of power at VE3WDM's station will seem like QRO power!!

  7. Congrats Mike...well done ! QRP IS fun indeed...


    Patrick ON4CDJ

  8. Yes Patrick QRP adds a nice challenge to ham radio.

  9. Hello Mike,

    Congratulations I'm also doing full time QRP/QRPp since my beginning 48 years ago, and I always enjoyed this great fun, it is always amazing to see what we can do with so low power.

    By the way check carefully this link:

    You can click on "blue lines" to see other pages and small videos,

    Have fun everyday

    Hope to meet you for 2 X QRP or QRPp

    72 Michel VE2TH QRP
    QRP ARCI # 5885

  10. Good afternoon Michel, thanks for stopping by and I did check out the link it has some very cool thing on it.
    Thanks for stopping by Michel

  11. Congratulations Mike...fantastic contact!

  12. Congratulations Mike..

    I have only one little new-s;
    3,7 mW output KA1DWX 19.10.1994 22:20 on 7003,0 KHz CW RPRT 549 Distance 6676,1 Km


    ( )

    Vy 73, Laci DL 2 JTE & HA 7 HN

  13. 3.7mW sure is a great accomplishment!! The lowest up to this point for me is 10mW.
    Great QRPpp contact!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and taking the time to comment.

  14. Hi Mike,

    the next news, but with 100 mWatt on 80 Meters band:

    Vy 73 Laci