Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elecraft P3 pan adapter

I have been debating this one for a long long time and that is do I or don't I want (want not NEED) the Elecraft P3 pan adapter. There were two factors that drew me away from this unit, the price and the size of the screen.
Well I have sold some unused "stuff" here at VE3WDM so the funds are there. I contacted Lisa at Elecraft and I was told that in a few months there is a board coming out to put the P3 video up onto your monitor along with other goodies that it can do as well. For example decode on the monitor CW, RTTY and PSK31 to name a few. So
 on Friday I called Elecraft and sealed the deal. I hope it comes in time for Christmas and in keeping with tradition I ordered the kit version!!


  1. Hi Mike, a good pice of equipment for the K3. Very useful. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Mike, I guess you mean you ordere the P3 Video out board? The PAN adapter screen is very small indeed. I think you don't have much fun with PSK/RTTY reading from it. 73, Bas

  3. Mike,

    Just a suggestion, why not put the money towards one or more SDR kits whose output you could put on your PC monitor? I don't know how that would compare with the dedicated pan adapter (and I don't own a K3...) but my intention is to build a SoftRock II kit, probably for 30 meters, in the coming months to see how it will work for monitoring that band.


  4. Good afternoon Paul, yes it is and until I did some looking into things it can do more than I thought it could.

    Hello Bas, I ordered the P3 itself the board is due out in the new year. Yes the screen is small and I would never use it for decoding. As a matter of fact you need the video out board they are offering to give you the decoding ability.

    Good day Casey, the money has already been spent :)). As for other SDR stuff I did have the LP-Pan along with PowerSDR. I have no complains about it and when it is up and running it works fairly well. The reason for the switch was the P3 does not need the PC. It is more feature rich just toward the K3. With the outboard card that is coming it will for sure but inhance the station. The last reason for getting it over keeping the LP-Pan is its Christmas And I am giving it to myself...:))


  6. Anonymous, thanks very much for the link I just have to run it through Google translation to give it a good read. Thanks for your input and for stopping by.