Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter hibernation plans

Some winter fun projects
What is wrong with this picture?
It has been very busy both at work and here at home I have not had much time to get on the radio or to blog. I  have just had time in the late evenings or early  mornings to get on the laptop and check in with other bloggers to see what's up. As the summer moves on to other areas of the world and winter settles in here it's time to move from outdoor activities to indoor ones. Sure getting on the radio is one of them but heating up the soldering iron is another activity. Some projects I will be working on over the next couple of months are  Idiom Press's Logikit COMS-4 keyer, Elecrafts KAT2 antenna tuner and KBT2 battery kit for the Elecraft K2 radio. Now this is not going to hold me for the whole winter so some other kits will have to be considered. But until then this will keep me hopping along with the radio op time for at least the fall and into the new year.  I am getting my Elecraft K2 ready for both home and out door (in the summer) operations. To do so I have to build and install the KAT2 antenna tuner and KBT2 battery as well. Speaking of the KBT2 have a look at the picture above...all  you Elecrafters out there what is WRONG in this picture??? One project that is almost complete is the KIO2 RS232 interface board. This unit will allow communication between my K2 rig,  external tuner/amp combo and my PC. There is a mod that has to be done to the KIO2 board to allow external mounting. The KIO2 is going to be my next post with assembly and the needed mod.


  1. The instructions are for the wrong radio?

  2. Ding ding ding....that is correct and not only the instructions but the contents in the box was also the KBT1. For the first time ever Elecraft sent the wrong stuff. It was corrected right away and the KBT2 was shipped.