Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great idea but bottom line...the cost...

Each year I go in search of a calender to mark down all the contests I would like to take part in each season. It is hung on the wall in the radio room and allows me to plan for the big all weekend contests right down to the 1/2  day short ones. I know there are some very good contest calender online like WA7BNM's and I have this as a bookmark on all my P.C.'s. But seeing a month's overview on the wall helps me make sure the contest does not sneak up on me. Nothing like surprising my wife with a 48 hour contest!!! Not sure why I never thought about this before but the ARRL has a calender with their contests as well as other major contests in it. I went to the website to order it with the exchange rate it came to 15.00. That is not bad at all considering the time I spend putting the contests in the calender each year. I then was shocked to see the shipping was 15.00, when I add the taxes to be paid and any duty the total for a calender is around 34.00!!!! It's looks like this year I am either going to print off WA7BNM's calender or make up another one.


  1. Mike,

    How about this one, $14.95 to Canada, post included.



  2. Good morning Casey, thanks very much for the link and I was just at the site and placed my order. Just don't understand how CQ can offer the calender at a reasonable price but ARRL is almost triple the amount. Thanks again for the link.