Monday, August 1, 2011

You can count on WSPR

10 meters
It's a long weekend out this way so after a nice long walk thought I would see what is happening on the bands........NOTHING......I turned on PowerSDR just to get a broader scope of the bands and again....NOTHING.......I did double check to see if I was on the dummy load I have done that before!! So it was off to WSPR to see how the signal was doing. The bands were not as dead as I thought WSPR proved that otherwise. 20 meters was alive and well with WSPR signals and for the attic antenna things did not work out to bad. It was then time to live on the edge and head down to 10 meters and see what was happening down there. According the the WSPR map signals were bouncing around short distances in Europe but not much happening in North America.  Then it was off to 15 meters and there seemed to be nothing happening for anyone no matter where you were. Well this help pass some time and keep me out of trouble!
15 meters
20 meters


  1. I like the new blog background!

    I used to be obsessed with setting up a 10M beacon, but there were always problems of one kind or another. With WSPR who needs 10M beacons! Far superior in many ways.


  2. Casey I also like to the Reverse Beacon network when calling CQ just to see who is picking up my QRP signal.