Friday, July 29, 2011

Mini project the Elecraft AF1

The Elecraft AF1 kit
When operating out and about I use my Elecraft KX1. There were only two areas I wanted to improve the radio. The first being the paddle that Elecraft offers, I purchased their paddle but was never happy with it I solved that with the Palm paddle. This paddle is very smooth, compact and easy to adjust. The final issue I wanted to resolve was  the filtering. I found the KX1's filtering to be just "OK" and I had a hard time getting it just right. After doing some internet searching I decided to purchase Elecrafts AF1. From the YouTube videos and different reviews I knew I found my solution. Last week the kit came in and over the coarse of the past week I put the kit together. This kit went together very smoothly and fast the instructions were very clear.
The cut trace (middle right)
Rear view
There were no toroids to wind just the stuffing of varous resistors, capacitors, diodes and some rheostats. There was one small modification that had to be done to the board (the cutting of a trace) but that was as complected as it got. My plan was to finish the project before the weekend so I could take advantage to the nice weather and do some out door QRP operating. Will be blogging on that after the fact. Unfortunately the unit does not come with a case and neither does Elecraft offer one. This is one fault I do fine with their mini kits there is no enclosure offered. Thanks to W8FGU an enclosure is offered for some of the Elecraft mini kits. They look to be very well made and will be great when using the AF1 out in the park. I ordered an enclosure from Dave for the AF1 but it won't be here in time for my adventure on Saturday.
Finished product.


  1. Nice little project Mike. I have been meaning to build the original KXB30 for mine. Elecraft said they still had some of these on the shelf collecting dust so I snagged one (cheaper and I don't need 80M anyway). Hope to reward my KX1 for its good service with this upgrade soon now that the shack is cleaned up!

  2. Hi Mike, a nice project for wintertime. Good luck, 73 Paul

  3. Good afternoon Casey, I just have the 20/40 meters and as for 80 the antenna would just have to be to large for portable operation .