Friday, June 10, 2011

A photo montage of our U.K trip........................

This was for sure a trip of a life time and one way to keep the memory alive is through pictures. I am very fortunate to have a wife who is a photographer. (she thinks she isn't but she is). She was snapping what seemed to be all the time.....I'm sure she was as her total shots for the whole trip were 6,300. Below are some highlights of our trip courtesy of Julies fantastic camera abilities.
Our first big stop was London for 3 days
(Click images for full size)

Parliament building
Big Ben at twilight

Buckingham Palace

Time for refreshments
London Eye
London Bridge
Tubing anyone

View from the London Eye

Time to move on to Scotland then back to England with Yorkminster

Greeted by a gale force storm

Arrochar-Loch Long our home base

View from Seil island
Hieland Coo's translation Highland Cows
Stirling Castle

Chapel room-Yorkminster and  the ruins of Lindisfarne priory
14th century tea room were we stopped for tea
Oxford students finish exams
Blenheim palace
Monastery of Lindisfarne on Holy Island


  1. Love the pics, I'm going to be pedantic though and say, that's not Big Ben. Big Ben is the bell inside the tower. That said, so many people call the tower Big Ben, I reckon they should rename it.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Looks like you certainly got around a good bit, there is quite a bit to take in here and you never got to see God,s own country Wales, Hi.
    Scot,s weather is brilliant, you can have three seasons in one day, just wait 20 mins. Glad you had a great time.

  3. Hi Mike, seems like you enjoyed our fine country, what did you think of the British pubs ?

    73 Paul.

  4. Hi Steve, yes we were told that on the tour bus that we took through London. Funny how that clock is know as Big Ben and most don't know about the bell.

    Yes Steve we very much like Scotland and we did have many weather changes through out the days we were there. We just expected it so the weather changes were not a surprise.

    Hi Paul, the British pubs were great and we did hit lots of them. I tried lots of new brands as well.

  5. Mike ...
    Wow ... those are great pics !!
    Hats off to your XYL !!
    Looks like you guys had a great time ... Glad you made it home safe.
    The best part about pictures are ... They make the memories last a lifetime.
    I hope you will share some more ... thanks

    73 de N4LA

  6. Good morning Todd, I will pass along the kind words to Julie. I hope to be putting some more up in the near future. Julie is just going through them and editing them. Oh and yes we had a fantastic time.

  7. Hi Mike, nice photo's of your UK trip. 73 Paul

  8. Hello Mike, that London Eye is higher than I thought!....Your wife definitely has a photographers eye...Great photos 73 Mark

  9. Good morning Mark, yes the London Eye was a great way to see the city.

  10. Nice photographs makes me homesick! We never were able to spot a heeland coo despite touring Scotland 3 years ago :-)

    73 Martin VA3SIE (ex-2M1FTX).

  11. Good morning Martin glad you enjoyed the pic's.

  12. Hello Mike, I like the pictures. Especially those from Scotland. I really want to visit it in the future. 73, Bas