Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back home in Canada.........

It was a fantastic trip but as most will agree it is always nice to get back home and get into your own bed again. The weather was sunny for a total of 3 days but that's fine as Julie and planned for that. The castles, Big Ben, Loch's in Scotland, century old homes and  towns, London's tube, the amazing gardens I could go on and a nut shell we had a great time. As I prepared for the trip I had big plans of getting lots of on air time with my KX1. With all the traveling during the day by the time evening rolled around it was time to chill and veg.....I will say when I was in the larger towns and city's in England I did have at times bad QRN. I have read on other blogs and email lists of devices that are plugged into the A.C that cause major QRN to hams. Also there are lots of plasma TV's out there as well. So if you lump all that together along with the sun giving us troubles now and again plus not having the push button filtering of the K3 the odds were not in my favor. I now have a lot more respect for my home setup and the QRN I was upset about in the past is nothing compared to the mess some hams have to put up with in Europe. Having said that here is the log of the contacts that I did have.

May 26      From Loch Long in Scotland    
OH7QR     RST 579 CW 14.058 @ 16:50 UTC  with 2 watts.
LA50         RST 569 CW  7.0008 @ 22:05 UTC with 2 watts.

May 28      From Yarm in England (This was during the CQ WPX CW contest)
All contact are between 19:40- 20:28 UTC
S50R     9A1A     9A6XX     DL2AA     DR9A     OL9Z     SK3W     DL8QS     SP9LJD     IT9T
There were more calls but these were the ones I was able to confirm others may had been copied wrong or I was not 100% sure it was a complete contact. In all there were 16 contacts but the above are the confirmed ones. 

This was the extent of my operations I did get on now and then but was unable to make any contacts or due to local QRN from what ever I was not able to copy anyone or anything. The antenna I used was the Miracle Whip antenna. I did make up some retractable long wire antennas  but did not have the room to use them. The KX1 was powered from the internal batteries giving me about 2 watts. The Mini Palm paddle worked just great with the rig.I found it to be very smooth and made me sound like a seasoned CW op.  In the coming days I will post some pictures of our trip. Now I want to concentrate on getting my new Alpha Delta DX-EE antenna in the attic and comparing it to the mobile whip antennas up there now. I plan to do the setup on Friday and hope to finish so I can get on the air on Saturday.  More blogging about that in the very near future.


  1. Hello Mike, Welcome back. Thanks for the wise words on air time. The contacts from an other country are great fun, but the trip is unforgettable. Yes, there is no bed like your own bed. hi.
    73, Bert

  2. You liked THE LONDON TUBE???? :)

    Glad you had a good trip, and not surprised you didn't manage to make many radio contacts. I usually take a rig when I go away too, and most times I end up not bothering to use it.

  3. Hi Mike, glad you had a great trip, and that you managed some QRP...
    You're right about the QRN, It's also steadily getting worse here in rural Wales..I've noticed a big difference on HF in the last 5 years....

    Plasma T.V.'s!!!....Oh Man..what a Pain!! :0(

    73 Mark

  4. Thanks Bert and Julian for the well wishes, I was surprised Julian that I did not have the time I thought I would but seems plans change.

  5. Sorry Julian I missed the Tube question, at first we had to pay 4 pound each for the tube and that was just for a one way trip. I thought "how does anyone afford this thing" Then a helpful employee told use about the day pass. We then were hooked on the Tube it took us everywhere!!! We got a hold of a color coded map of the lines and we were on our way to days of tubing. We could not believe that we during our first day wasted so much time walking around when we now just "tubed"

  6. Hi Mark, yes it makes me a lot more happy with the what I thought was major QRN here but now in hind sight we have a much lesser problem here for sure.

  7. Hi Mike, important thing is having fun when on vacation. And so you did. I like coming home as well after a nice holiday. I am not lucky when I take my radio with me. And it's my opinion that I will spend more time with the family when we travel. I can do radio when I am at home and the kids are to school and the xyl to work. ;-) 73 Paul

  8. Welcome home Mike, sounds like you had quite the adventure!

    73, Jeff KE9V

  9. Hi Paul I understand about not taking the radio and spending time with family for sure.

    Yes Jeff we both had a blast in Europe it was a vacation of a life time.

  10. Hello Mike,

    I also had a great time in the United Kingdom. I found London to be especially interesting. It seemed to rain every day but wasn't a bad experience. I loved it!

    On the radio side...the BBC is the best!! Sure wish we had that programing here in the US.

  11. Yes I do agree about the BBC we were staying with Julies relatives and they had the BBC on all the time and it was great.