Sunday, May 8, 2011

Remebering back................

My son Ben and I at the rig.
It was back in 1989 I had my first ham setup an Icom 735 rig, Kenwood AT-230 tuner and the Cushcraft R5 vertical antenna. My rig was in the living room at the time as space was limited. I built an enclosure around the radio along with a door that doubled as an extension of the desktop when it was open. The main purpose of the enclosure was to Keep my son Ben and his curiosity far away from the rig. I ran across this picture on the HD of my computer and it brought back lots of memories. It was actually published in either CQ or QST I just can't remember which it was.


  1. Hi Dick, very nice photo. I still have my shack in the living, just to keep in touch with the family. 73 Paul

  2. Great Photo Mike, I guess your son is not interested in radio anymore? I'm very curious if my daughter developes a interest in radio in the future. I was more into CB radio in 1989, great propagation in those years....73, Bas

  3. Hi Mike, great radio the Icom 735, did yours still have the little door ?

    Oh and fab shot of you and your son at the radio, a treasured picture I'm sure.

    73 Paul.

  4. Hi Bas, Ben seems to be busy with more pressing issues at this time in his work and more work. He has shown interest and I hope that will grow into another ham into the fold.

    Paul good morning, you must be familiar with the rig to mention the little door. I was able to keep the door on the rig and it never did break. But I did have to take great care to make sure it stayed.

  5. As it happens I have an Icom 735 which I use for listening to the HF bands in the bedroom. It has the little door still attached. Also I just got a text message from my wife to say our youngest son (he's only 2!) broke the stand off my desk mic. Looks like I too will have to build an enclosure around my equipment!!

  6. Yes the enclosure sure does give peace of mind and when he's older he can be introduced to ham radio in a less destructive way...:)