Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its said...a picture is worth a thousand words

More paper work with the hobby than at work.
As you know I have been playing with my new MFJ 1026 noise canceling unit. It's now time to fit it into the "radio mess" that I have. I was wanting to use it with my K3, K2 and Elecraft KX1 and not to be greedy the sub receiver on my K3 along with diversity mode.  ( as I have been told dreams are free) I had to bring out the paper and pencil for this one as I am the "a picture is worth a thousand words" kinda guy!! In my setup I have the three radios, Telepost's LP-Pan, LP-100 ,Edgeport USB to serial converter, Creative labs 0202 external sound card and finally the LDG 4 and 6 position switches.  To often I have rushed into things and just hooked it up to "getter done" and on the air. Having said that there had been to many times after the fact  I should of sat down and moved more slowly and caused less damage. I was able to cable things so any of the radios that I am using could take advantage of the MFJ 1026. I did notice for some reason I forgot to put the 1:1 balun back into the mix so that had to be done. ....but.... it seems I am not able have both receivers in the K3 hooked up to one noise canceling unit The noise canceler is  not cheap so getting another is out of the picture I am going to have to settle on where in the big picture the K3's receivers and MFJ 1026 are going fit. A few more cups of coffee and some block diagrams are in order.


  1. That's pretty clever. I wonder how you did that? I didn't want to use the MFJ's RF sensing Rx/Tx switching - the signal path inside the unit didn't look very low loss to me - so I let the K3 do the switching via the Rx in/out ports on the KXV3A. But that means I can't use it with any other radios.

  2. Good evening Julian, here is the setup the three radios go into the LDG-4 switch. From there to a 1:1 balun then to the LP-100. Then from the LP-100 to the radio connector on the MFJ 1026 the antenna side of the MFJ 1026 to the LDG-6 were my dipoles are connected. The receiving antenna connector on the MFJ 1026 it first goes to the I.C.E 196 filter I use this to stop any possible back feed from getting into the radios. From there it is out to the long wire/ rain gutter receiving antenna. I could also add the keyout on the k3 and k2 to the MFJ 1026 that would involve more block diagrams to work it in the mix.