Monday, January 24, 2011

Where there is a will there is almost the best way...............

Using downspout on left
Wire meets "antenna"
 The weather has not co-operated with me in regards to setting up a trial run of my fence receiving antenna I got to thinking......I do have a downspout off the side of the house and it is about 25 feet  and that gave me an idea. I ran some 22 gauge wire out to the downspout.  Sanded off a small section to get a good connection, I then attached the wire with a self drilling screw. I then went into the house and gave it a go. Now this is just a receiving antenna only. It's to get me going on Diversity receive with my K3. I also wanted to use this "antenna" for a  yet to be decided noise canceling unit. But first things first and this is just a hit and miss receiving type antenna for now. Besides the interference I am having is like a sore tooth when you head out to the dentist the pain goes wise the noise that I am slowly moving towards solving  has gone for the moment.
So the down spout seems to do very well at receiving not as good as my tuned dipoles in the attic but it does do the job. I am in the market for a proper very low profile active receiving antenna as well something I can place outside.  As a side line here is the "Murphy moment" it wasn't until I went out to take the pictures today that I realized I was using the much shorter downspout on the right. I have now corrected the problem and will see if the actual long downspout  it better at receiving.


  1. Hey Mike, try loading it up while you are at it. You never can tell. I frequently read of similar 'antennas" being effective in transmitting. 73 Dick N2UGB

  2. Good morning Dick, at this moment in time I am going to leave it as a receiving antenna don't want to push the envelope with the neighbors.

  3. Hello Mike, Indeed I like to know what is does when you transmit (with a tuner) starting with the lowest power setting of course. I have for years used a indoor wire for SWL-ing all over the world. ;-) 73 Paul

  4. Good morning Paul, at this time not sure I am going to be powering up the downspout. I am happy with having it as just a receiving antenna ....but you never know.