Sunday, January 9, 2011

A QRP (low power) NAQP contest DONE!!!!

I was not disappointed with this contest there sure was lots of action,15 meters was very active and lots of contacts were made there. I did check out 10 meters and it was active as well but for some reason 10 meters causes some RFI issues here. So that part of the ham band was out for the contest. In the evening 40 meter was unbelievable!! My PowerSDR pan-adapter was over flowing with contacts to be had. I had not seen 40 meters that busy in a real long time. The new 40 meter dipole in the attic worked great I had no troubles
getting contacts throughout the U.S with 5 watts. I was also able to give the K3's sub receiver a good workout as well. Here was some of the stuff I tried.... While on the same band I was able to set the sub receiver on a pileup and used the main receiver to continue my search and pounce. Then work the other station when the pile worn down. I also set the sub receiver to the lower end of a band. Then the main receiver was set to the mid way point on the same band. I linked the two VFO's so as I tuned the main VFO the sub followed. This way I was able to listen to the lower end (left ear) and upper end (right ear) of the CW band at the same time. As a signal popped up on either side of the band I could stop and work them.

I was contesting for 5 hours from 1pm local to 6 pm. My wife and I had a date night to sit down relax together and watch a movie at home. It was hard to pull away from the great conditions on 40 meters but the balance is very important too.

Contest breakdown
Band        QSO's        Points        Sec
7                  20              20           11
14                33              33           16
21                25              25           13

Totals           78              78           40
Score 3,198
Lastly..........did old Murphy strike well some say that it would not be a contest if he didn't show up. There was one point were he just smiled at me. On the K3 you can put the rig into test. Meaning you can fiddle with the CW key and not transmit. I did that and forget to take the rig out of test mode and therefore was not sure why I was not making contacts. Lots about 10 or so points with that one.


  1. Hello Mike, you did indeed a great job! Oh , that old Murphy. I know... sometimes I forget VOX for PSK31. But I noticed quickly when I put no RF signal out, when I do not hear the fan of the FT450. Never forget the balance, very important indeed. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Mike, nice one, and yes dont let the XYL become a 'HAM Widow' !

    73 Paul.