KX3 assembly videos

This is my four part series of assembly videos of the Elecraft KX3. I try to highlight the issues I ran into and how I went about solving them. These videos are not a step by step format of the build but rather viewing completed steps with learned information I pass along to help your build go smoother. Also if your intrested in purchasing the KX3 it may give you a better idea if you would rather order the kit version as opposed to the fully assmebled unit.


  1. A great series of videos Dave - thanks for making them and congrats on your new KX3.

  2. No problem John, funny thing is my middle name is Dave!!

  3. Thanks for the KX3 videos. I'm about to embark on assembling a KX3. I haven't ordered it yet but I think I will nearer Thanksgiving. I've watched your KX3 Videos 3 or 4 times to get pointers of where the "gotchas" are. You've pointed several out to me & I've so noted some of them. Best 72/73. Jim/WA4NTM

  4. Good morning Jim, you will not be disappointed with the rig. It's great the videos were a help. It was my first shot at this type of video was not sure how it was going to go over in the blog world.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.