Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The creator Eric Guth 4Z1UG of QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo comments on my last post.

Good afternoon everyone and I wanted to post a comment that Eric Guth 4Z1UG the creator of QSO Today Ham Radio Expo left on my blog that is reposted at Amature Click HERE to visit the post and the many comments.  

I wanted to repost Eric's comment here as I find that those who read the blog sometimes do not go through and read the comments. I felt it important to let my blog readers read his comment he posted.  He mentions Ron who in a comment identified as knowing Eric and who is a blind ham. 

Below is Erics response: 

I appreciate all of the messages above, even the angry one. Nobody feels as bad as me about what happened. All of this I explained in the messages that I have already sent out. I have re-learned my lessons.

Ron is a true friend. Like I did last August, I am building a presentation listing with links to the videos for blind hams. It will be up hopefully by Friday. They will find it easily with a screen reader on the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo website home page:

The Expo will be in on-demand mode with all of the videos until April 16th, then I will put a link to my Vimeo library, so you can watch them forever, even on your Roku box.

Go to to enter the Expo. Just need your email address, no fancy ticket number.

Finally, if you don’t need that $10.00 back, I can sure use it to bring the next Expo in August. This operation is expensive to build and host. I love making it and hope to attend it myself, rather than staying in the kitchen, next time.


Eric, 4Z1UG

There were some other comments about the content of the Expo, infomercials and content of the Expo presentations. Below was Eric's response to this: 

There are over 80 presentations, 20% of them given by Sponsors. Most were the hard work of individuals who put them up. Sponsorship revenue was helpful to start us out, ticket sales pay for the cost of all of the people and services it takes to make the expo. I hope that you will come back today to enjoy the presentations that are hardly infomercials, but the amazing work of our fellow hams.

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