Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Tweaking the Endfed antenna SWR chart correction

 I was reading my most recent post and something clicked.....and it was not a good "click". I looked at the posted SWR chart from my 44-foot antenna experiment and the numbers looked very familiar! Somehow I copy and pasted the numbers from the 41 foot SWR results and reposted them for the 44-foot experiment. Below are the corrected results for the 44-foot Endfed wire. 

SWR with a counterpoise:

Band          Freq             SWR
80m            3.500            8.4
80m            4.000            9.0
40m            7.001            4.6
40m            7.060            4.6
30m           10.100           4.6
30m           10.150           4.6
20m           14.001           2.1
20m           14.060           2.1
17m           18.068           2.3
17m           18.168           2.3
15m           21.001           3.1
15m           21.060           3.1

SWR without a counterpoise:

Band          Freq             SWR
80m            3.500            6.8
80m            4.000            6.1
40m            7.001            3.5
40m            7.060            3.5
30m           10.100           4.6
30m           10.150           4.6
20m           14.001           1.4
20m           14.060           1.4
17m           18.068           2.0
17m           18.168           2.1
15m           21.001           3.1
15m           21.060           3.1


  1. Hello Mike, I would not be satisfied with this kind of SWR. Except may be for 20m. However it might be good for a all band endfed. After all it is a antenna that is a compromise and you really need to use a antenna tuner. However I think there are better alternatives. You might read the ARRL antennabook for instance to get better ideas. And remember that a antenna you build yourself is most times working much better and much more satisfying! Good luck, 73, Bas

    1. Good morning Bas, yes it's true the Endfed is a compromise antenna and I do use a tuner with it. I will have to sit down and look into other antenna ideas and as you said building one can be very rewarding. I just have to figure out with the lay of the land that I have what antenna will work with the room that I have.
      Thanks for your input Bas it's always welcomed.