Sunday, November 24, 2019

CQ WW DX CW contest 2019

No lack of action
The CQ WW DX  CW contest this weekend was the first contest as VE9KK unfortunately, most of Saturday and into the evening I was not feeling well at all. I gave the contest an off and on again effort during this time. Sunday was a very late start as I wanted to get my rest to get over this bug I had.  In summary, the weekend went as follows:
        Band     QSOs     Pts  ZN   Cty  Pt/Q
           7       6      18    3    5   3.0
          14      10      29    6   10   2.9
          21       2       5    2    2   2.5
       Total      18      52   11   17   2.9

            Score: 1,456

I found Sunday to be a tough one my signal was just not being heard and I am guessing it was just the propagation? The few times I was on the radio on Saturday I had no issues making contacts. Some of the bonus things here at VE9KK were:
- The new Astron power supply worked just fine. 
- I was able to work Europe on 40m which never happened at the old QTH with the MFJ 1788 antenna. 
- Speaking of antennas it was a joy to use the End fed antenna, I was able to change bands without returning. The magloop I used for so long had to be re-tuned on the same band and for sure on band changes. 
- On Saturday (when I was on) I was able to get into Europe, Central America and South America without issue. 
During my time on Sunday during the contest I was greeted with an on screen message that N1MM+ stopped working as it was not able to communicate with com3. Com3 is my CAT control for the Icom 7610 and in a nutshell, this meant I was having RFI issues with one or more of my USB cables. I thought I had solved this issue already with snap on chokes?? I had a fast glance at the snap on chokes an noticed some had "un-snapped". I shut things down and spent well over an hour to fix the situation once and for all!! More on that later this week in another post. I restarted the rig and software and did a few tests and I was good to go, but the bands did not seem to want to co-operate. Having said that the bands sure were alive with opportunity. I heard nothing from the south pacific or Asia. Overall, I had a great time while in the chair at the radio and am looking forward to other CW contests. 


  1. GM Mike,

    I'm glad you got your PS problems sorted before CQWW. It looks like your new QTH is opening up a new world of DX for you. Keep us posted on that!

    73 - John

    1. Good morning John, yes I was glad to see the new power supply on Friday. The other supply the Astron RS-20M is all repaired and I will be blogging on that in the near future. I am very happy with the DX here it is a nice change from a condo for sure.
      73 and have a good week.