Sunday, June 10, 2012

Limited space, antenna restrictions and HOA's....there is hope!!

Not to shabby
There are hams out there that I pass by them now and then on my travels who have the luxury and availability to erect amazing towers with some amazing antennas on them. It would be great to have the land and be in the country and have "eye candy" towers and antennas. Then there are some with small city lots but do amazing things with long wires, smaller towers and beams. Last but not least there is "the other folks" me you either live in an apartment, townhouse and or have very strict neighborhood rules about all and any antennas!!! I am one who lives in a VERY antenna not so friendly place and I have to keep ham radio on the down low!! In my attic I have the DX-EE dipole from Alpha Delta it's good from 10m-40m but with the K3 antenna tuner I am able to add 17m and 30m. The attic is to small for the dipole to stretch from end to end, mine is in a "Z" configuration. It's about 25 to 30 feet off the ground but as said in the attic.

The SWR for such an antenna mounted undercover is below...
  7.000 - 7.060 = 2.58- 2.03 tuner brings it too 1.01
14.000 - 14.060= 2.26-2.08 tuner brings it too 1.01
21.000 - 21.060= 1.01-1.15
28.000 - 28.060= 1.15-1.12
Extra bands with tuner
18.068-18.100= 1.01-1.01 with tuner and 9.98 after tuner
10.100-10.130=1.01-1.01 with tuner and 9.13 after tuner.

So where can  5 watts QRP power and an attic antenna go??
Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Jordan, South Africa,  all of South America, England, Greece, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Niger, Algeria,Gambia, Alaska,Turkey, Ascension Island.........and the list could go on!!

How about 1 watt........
Germany, England, Scotland, Italy, South Africa, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden,

Lets move things down to 100mW's
Portugal, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Madeira Island, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and so on.

Until I get an attenuator 100mW's is a low as my K3 will take me new adventures await me when my Hendricks 41dB step attenuator is built.
Some QRP highlights

1. Contact with HA8JV with 100mW's which worked out to 45,868 miles per watt contact.
2. This year I have worked 73 DXCC countries and am working towards my Diamond Jubilee award by year end.
3. Up to this point 80 contacts that are 1,000 miles per watt or more.
4. Lastly and most important......having a loads of fun!!!!!
If your situation does not allow you to install a dipole or similar medium size antenna my first QRP antennas were two mobile whip antennas made into a dipole configuration. With these antennas I was able to add to my 1000 miles per watt count......and more. So don't let some restrictions stop you from taking advantage of our hobby because less can mean more!! Julian G4ILO has reminded me with his comment, I forgot to mention all the above was done with CW.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi Mike, it's absolutely amazing what you do with your indoor antenna. It shows what is possible without large beams and/or verticals outside. 73, Bas

VE9KK said...

Good afternoon from sunny and hot (36C) VE3WDM's place....yes Bas it's pretty cool what the antenna can do BUT unlike the big boys who may get an answer on their first call I may have to try 6 or more times to get answered. Also up to this point I have not yet mastered the DXpedions and the pile up's that come with them....oh well maybe that is for 2013!!

Dick said...

Hi Mike, those are some very nice QRP statistics. Some guys running 100 watts to a "better?" antenna haven't done as well. So congrats and keep up the good work. 73 Dick

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi Mike, you have proven that no big antenna park and high power is necessary to work nice DX only good operator skills. Just keep up the stealth work, it's amazing. 73 Paul

Unknown said...

That's using CW, presumably?

VE9KK said...

Funny you should mention that Julian as I was on my way into work this morning it occurred to me that I never did mention that it was all done with CW!! So yes you have presumed correctly.

VE9KK said...

Good morning Dick, thanks for the congrats and for sure the good propagation has helped out.

VE9KK said...

Good morning Paul, the op skills are still improving as time goes on. That's one thing I like about ham radio it does not ever seem to get boring.

Dan - KJ4ODS said...

I couldn't agree more... Thanks for inspiring us to work the world with limited space.

Casey Bahr said...

FB on all Mike, an impressive record and I'm sure more gems to come. I'm looking forward to what you'll work sub-100mW!


Jspiker said...

Hello Mike,

Those are fantastic contacts with a QRP and even QRPp station. Especially so with a "simple wire antenna" without gain. I've always been impressed with your contacts. Do your neighbors know you're a ham? That's another thing I like about stealth antennas! Congratulations on a job very well done and FB on CW. It DOES make a difference in distance!

VE9KK said...

Good evening Dan, QRP and QRPp is not the only way to make contacts but I found when it's done a sense of accomplishment is felt for sure. If I can encourage hams to try a new aspect of ham radio and have fun doing it my goal is accomplished. Thanks for taking the time to comment Dan and for stopping by the blog.

VE9KK said...

Good evening Casey, I have the attenuator on order from Hendricks but we have family coming over this week from England. They are staying for 2 weeks so the kit will be on hold for a bit.

VE9KK said...

Hi John, thanks for your encouraging words. As for my neighbors they don't know I have a setup at home. I have a vanity plate so my call is out there for all to see on the car. I guess most know of hams with outdoor antennas and towers. Not to many would even consider an indoor antenna.
Have a good week John.