Saturday, May 26, 2012

CW WPX update..........

The action on 20m early in the evening
It's Saturday night and the bands sure are busy BUT it seems not with to many new DXCC's for me. I have picked up about 6 news ones since the contest began. I have decided to also drop my power down and try to contact the countries I already have DXCC's for. Up to this point I am at 100mW's and getting into Europe....mind you with repeats. I hope to pick up a few more DXCC's on Sunday but now it's time to relax!!


Casey Bahr said...


That's a nice pickup of several new DX for not too much work, hi. I haven't even bothered to turn on the rig this weekend. We are very busy with various things these days, which doesn't leave much time for radio.

GL Sunday!

VE9KK said...

Good morning Casey, there are weekends up this way too were the rig is not even turned on. This weekend it's the opposite...thanks for the well wishes.