Sunday, January 22, 2012

My YouTube debut......

The other day I received an email from the Elecraft reflector site mentioning Plasma TV's and the problems they can cause ham op's. I do have a Plasma TV and it sure does affect things here at VE3WDM so this thread interested me very much. As you know from reading my other posts I do have the MFJ 1026 noise cancelling unit and I have had good success with it. The post on the Elecraft reflector had a great link to a load of information on how the K3 and the MFJ 1026 can work together very well. Well since I have the K3 and the MFJ 1026 I investigated the link.  I found a very cool way to hook the both units together that
has some good advantages over the way I am now......or was using.

 With this configuration I am able to just push the RX ant button on the K3 and both units are inter connected. Also the way the MFJ 2026 is adjusted is a little different than I had previously adjusted the unit. I tried it and it is very easy, fast and works great!! So what are the advantages of hooking up your MFJ 1026 this way....well you never have to worry about the RF from your transmitting antenna getting into your receive antenna. With this hookup they are totally isolated. To include the MFJ 1026 it's as simple as powering up the MFJ unit and pushing the RX ant on the k3 and then some simple adjustment of the MFJ unit. Finally I decided to use my Iphone to video the results of the MFJ 1026 and the K3 and how they dealt with the Plasma TV noise. You will have to excuse the reflection of me in the Elecraft P3 and the audio may not be that great either but give it a go as it does show how the Plasma TV's interferance can be dealt with.


  1. Mike,

    Thanks for this! I think this is EXACTLY the problem I am facing. I think a MFJ 1026 will be my next purchase.

    Larry W2LJ

  2. Good evening Larry, I will say the MFJ 1026 sure does the trick for me. Glad to hear the post has helped out.

  3. Great video....electrical and computer noise is becoming a more difficult problem every year. I can see these "noise cancelling" devices becoming "essential' for every shack.

    I gave up on listening to "AM and Shortwave Radio" this year due to just this problem. Solved it by buying a "wi-fi" receiver which I like very much. It's nice to hear "Voice of America" again.

  4. Good evening John, the video is my very attempt to launch my YouTube career....:) It would be nice to see this feature integrated into the software of a modern day rig. That for sure would be a nice feature. I would say the wi-fi receiver is the way to go these days. You never have to worry about conditions and how the condition of the signal may be. Thanks for the input John and have a great week.

  5. Hello Mike, nice video. The MFJ noise canceller makes a huge difference. Nice you got a RX only connection on your set. That has a lot of advantage. 73, Bas

  6. Good evening Bas, Yes the K3 the more I find out about the Rig the more I love the thing. Thanks for the complements about the video. I am going to try to do more prep work next time. This was more or less to see how the Iphone did the job.